June 4, 2013

Share the Covers--Rebel Yell

Here is the original by Billy Idol . . .

And here is the kick ass cover by Drowning Pool . . .

So . . . I have a bit of a confession to make.  If you've read this blog with any regularity over the last month, you know that May sucked ass.  And I got extremely stressed out and depressed.  Not to mention, there were a few days where I was bed-ridden. 

So what does one like myself do when you are stressed, depressed and stuck in a bed?  Well, you might catch up on some reading or knit or watch movies.  Or . . . 

You might find yourself online shopping.  A lot.  With little specific purpose or focus.  And you might even shop so much that you forget some of the things you bought.  So when you start getting packages in the mail, it might be like a fun little adventure of "oh yeah!  I forgot I ordered this!"  You might have to tell your husband who, of course, understands because he's the greatest man ever. 

And this might be so super exciting until you realize that maybe you didn't actually need to order 7 pairs of sandals.  But in the end you might be happy about it anyway because they are all just so cute that now you have no choice but to keep them.  You don't have many flat sandals anyway.

There's a lesson here people.  Don't stress and shop.  It's dangerous.  But also awesome. 

Shear Pleated Mullet Skirt-Target; Olive Green Button Down-thrifted; Cognac Wide Belt-gifted by Lynne; Football Booties-Charlotte Russe; Leopard Print Socks-Target; Earrings-Kohl's; Leopard Cuff-Kohl's; Mirror Aviators-Target

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