October 24, 2012

The Wedding--Part Three--The Reception

It is so true what they say--your wedding goes by in a complete flash.  You don't get to eat your cake, you don't get to eat the food and you hardly remember what really happens.  It's such a blur, especially for the bride.  Every time you have a moment to breath, it's time to cut the cake/throw the bouquet/etc./etc./etc.  But it is so amazing.

We had our kids be the witnesses to our wedding.  They signed the marriage license.  It was such a lovely idea, given to us by our officiant.  In Colorado, you actually don't need witnesses to be married, so it was perfect.

We had our wedding party announced to the song of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars

Patrick's best man, Grant, my maid of honor and sister, Sammie and my mom gave toasts.  Poor Grant forgot his speech, but it was still just lovely.

We danced our first dance to "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessionals

I got to throw my bouquet in a very dramatic fashion--from the balcony.  Amazing!  I chose to throw it to "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

Patrick's Aunt Anjie caught it.  Priceless.  I pretty much threw it right at her.

Patrick tossed the garter to "Mr. Boombastic" by Shaggy.  I didn't anticipate how truly awkward it is to have your husband go up your dress in front of your family, friends and boss.  Probably the only time that this is acceptable.  Nay, it is the only time this is acceptable.

As you can see, my brother's lifelong best friend, Craig made a valiant effort, but in the end . . .

My brother's friend Travis caught it.

I literally threatened Patrick with his life to not shove the cake into my face.  He complied with much regret.

Then came the dancing

Because we had soooooo many kids there, we opted for a few kid-friendly dances to start us off.  Like the chicken dance . . .

And the hokey pokey!

The Georgia Satellites started off our Money Dance with "Keep Your Hands to Yourself".  Patrick was such a good sport and took a dance with Matty.

I loved this one of Tiffany and I dancing with my friend Chris holding up a tweny-twen in the background.

Patrick's groomsman Lee and I opted for a Vogue session for our dance.

And Kaden and Matty tore up the dance floor during "I'm Sexy and I Know It" . . .

And so did Patrick and I!

*All photo credit to Krista Watzel Photography

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