March 27, 2013

Share the Covers--In the Air Tonight

Here is the awesome original by Phil Collins . . .

And the bad ass cover by Nonpoint . . .


I didn't post yesterday.  I'm sure you all are as over it as I am.  But the reason I didn't post is BAD ASS.  I was at a rock concert, which is the best kind of concert.  And not just at the concert, I was in the mosh pit.

No, I wasn't one of those idiots pushing everyone around, but the concert was standing room only and it was metal so it happened.  I didn't mosh, but I got moshed.  It was cuh-razy.

This is what I wore to go see Nonpoint (inspiration for Share the Covers, duh!!!), Hellyeah (by far one of the best bands I've seen perform live to date), All that Remains (they were pretty killer as well) and my newest favorite band that I've been OBSESSED with--In this Moment.

I love metal.  Seriously.  Aside from hip hop, my favorite music genre.  Which is weird to think about--a mother of three, working in a law firm and keeping a fashion blog.  But I likes what I likes.

Striped Sailor Tee-Goodwill Swap; Pleated Mini Skirt-Ross; Glitter Leggings-Wal-Mart; Knee High Buckle Boots-Charlotte Russe; Bangles-Kohl's, gifted and vintage from Grandma; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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