March 30, 2013


I'm happy to report that these snow-ridden photos were taken a week or so ago.  Today we are currently basking in sunshine!

This same weekend, Patrick and I watched Bob Marley's documentary.  There were so many things that I never really knew about him!  I always knew I liked him, (duh!  we have the same birthday!) but I never knew what a social and political impact he really had!

Being one to become easily obsessed, I spent the whole next week listening to the Bob Marley Pandora station (it's a good one if you're looking for some mellow music) and subsequently wishing I was back in Aruba.

That's what I love about watching documentaries.  You always learn something new.  For example--did you know that Bob Marley was half white?  Did you know that he literally started a peace revolution in Kingston?  Did you know that he had 11 kids?

So I spent the majority of my Saturday thrifting.  It was great.  But I also got a lot of errands done so I feel super productive.

Now it's time to turn on some Bob Marley and get ready to make a new recipe: Nectarine Pizza with Fresh Basil and Reduced Balsamic.  Mmmmm!

Camo Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Hot Pink Tied Oxford-Marshall's; Snakeskin Tank-Pamida; Leather Bomber Jacket-Target; Studded Belt-thrifted; Bangles-gifted; Watch-Patrick's; Shearling Lined Lace Up Booties-Mossimo

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