March 19, 2013

Mission #4, Day 2

Mission Week continues with different ways to sport the pencil skirt.  Today I am showing a more casual approach with a tee and denim jacket.

Why the casual look today instead of Friday?  Well I got a twofer today.  While I am feeling much better than yesterday, Brielle is still sick.  Poor baby crawled in bed with me at four in the morning roasting hot.  Then I got a call from Kaden's school.  I had to pick him up as he is also sick now.

Today was also the ultimate day to wear my I Heart New York tee because today marks the one year anniversary of Bob passing away.  I deleted the contents of the post, but the gist of it is that Bob was an attorney that I worked for/with.  

I used to spend a good part of my day bullshitting with Bob and we knew each other really well.  We even had sons with the same first and last names (different spellings though).  He passed away suddenly last year.  I was even talking with him right before he died.  He had went home for lunch and passed away in his chair.

I miss him like crazy everyday.  It just isn't the same at the office without him.  It's also his wife's birthday today, so I hope that despite everything she has a good day.  My thoughts are definitely with her and their son today.

Purple Tweed Pencil Skirt-George, thrifted; I Heart New York Tee-airport; Watercolor Peep Toe Heels-BCBG, gifted; Denim Jacket-Lee; Earrings-Kohl's

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