March 13, 2013

What a Dad Does

Over this past weekend, Brielle saw the new Wizard of Oz movie with her dad.  It scared the shit out of her.  To be fair, though, there are very few movies that don't scare the shit out of her.  I mean, the girl is afraid of Finding Nemo.

At any rate, she decided on Monday night that she was terrified of witches.  She wanted to come and sleep with Patrick and I.  But we like the kids to stay independent, so we tried to sway her from this.

I was exhausted from the day so Patrick took over.  He went in her room, rubbed her back and talked to her until she fell asleep.  It was so cute.  When he came out, I thanked him and he said "eh, that's just what dads do."

Now to be fair Patrick is not Brielle's dad; he is her step-dad.  And as much as a pain in the ass my ex is, he is a good dad to the kids.  So it's not like Patrick is trying to take his place at all, but not having any biological kids of his own, he considers the kids his kids, not his stepkids.

It really touched me.  My dad and I do not have a good relationship.  In fact, we don't have practically any relationship.  I don't have any "daughter/daddy" memories of him.  I always wanted that for my kids, especially my daughter.

How lucky are my kids to have a dad or dads (Kaden doesn't know his biological father, but an adoption by Patrick is in the works, more on that later) that really care for them and can do those cool "I'll protect you" kind of moments with them?

Blended families can be a tricky situation.  And trust me, the situation with my ex and I is no picnic most of the time.  But one thing I am very grateful for is that I can be relieved in the fact that they are loved at their dad's house.  And even more grateful that I married a man who loves my kids as if they are his own.

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