March 5, 2013

Mission #3, Day 2

Yesterday for Mission Week we talked about switching out your jeans to fancy up your jeans and a tee days.  Today we will give a couple of more tips.  First switch out your tee for a fun blouse.

Second up the ante on the footwear.  Instead of sneakers or flip flops, grab some fun heels or cute flats or even some boots (if you must, but I think we're all aboard the bye bye winter bandwagon, are we not?).

In other news, today was one of those rare days that started shitty (Brielle forgot a bear for bear day, Kaden forgot his lunch, multiple trips home to remedy same, half an hour late to work) and ended awesome.

I had lunch with my boss Daryl and Justice from Colorado Fashion Week.  Daryl gave Patrick and I tickets to Danu (the music featured above).  Brielle, Conner and I fit in the longest game of horsey ever.

Highlighter Yellow Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Sheer Leopard Fishtail Hem Button Down-Forever 21; Glitter Heels-Target; Bangles-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted

Don't forget about the eshakti discount code (FRNNIEPNTZ) to use for 20% off until March 20th!

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