March 22, 2013

Mission #4, Day 5

Today is our last day of pencil skirt Mission Week.  I hope we get some link up this week.  So far, this is the fourth Mission Week and no one has linked up.  Sad face!  But I'm not discouraged.  It's really been fun to challenge myself either way.

"Mom, is magic real?" Brielle asked me yesterday.  "Of course it's real," I told her. "It just depends on what you consider magic."

A few minutes later, she was back in the kitchen with the hiccups.  "What's your middle name?" I ask her.  She looked at me confused for a minute (of course I know her middle name--it's the same as mine, my mom's and my grandmother's) and answered " . . . Sue . . ."  I waited a minute and said, "See?  Your hiccups went away now didn't they?"  (This is an old trick I learned working at Subway many, many years ago.  It's got a pretty good track record.)

"I told you magic is real," I said to her with a smile.  Her eyes got big and her mouth wide.  She was absolutely in awe.  "How did you doooo that?" she asked.

She was so excited about it, in fact, that when I went in to give her a back-rub at bedtime, we were laying in the quiet when all of a sudden she asks, "Mom, seriously, how did you know about that hiccup trick?"

I don't know how it works, but it does.  I pass this along to you so that the next time you see someone with the hiccups, you too can feel like a magician when it works on them.  Your welcome.

Brown Pinstripe Suede Pencil Skirt-Dawn Joy, thrifted; Mint Mesh Dolman Sleeve Sweater-Target; Brown Tank-Banana Republic, gifted; Platform Loafers-Ana, gifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Necklace-Kohl's; Cuff-Kohl's

You only have until midnight tonight to enter the Firmoo Giveaway!

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