March 17, 2013

A Reminder and a Giveaway with Firmoo

I got this pretty little dress in the mail last week from eShakti and decided to go total Charlotte York upper east side proper with it.  I used my discount code to get it.

Which reminds me to remind you to use your 20% off discount with eShakti using the coupon code FRNNIEPNTZ by March 20th.  That's this coming Wednesday folks!  Celebrate the first day of spring with a pretty new spring dress!

Also, have you heard of Firmoo?  I know I have!  I found out I needed glasses a little over a year ago and I learned three things: 1) if you must wear glasses, pretty ones make it a bit more tolerable, 2) pretty glasses are expensive! and 3) having a selection of glasses makes it a little more interesting. 

Well Firmoo is a fashionable, designer eyeglass online store that offers affordable prescription and non-prescription glasses.  What might cost $300 in designer glasses can cost a tenth of that price on their site!  They offer some really cute ones.  Some of my faves are posted above.

 Well guess what?  Firmoo is offering a whooooooole slew of prizes for all of you!  They are giving away a first place winner and six second place winners!  The odds are good folks!

Here are a breakdown of the prizes offered:

First Place Winner will receive a pair of fashionable eyeglasses including shipping, from Firmoo! Both prescription and non-prescription are availble.  However, designer glasses and sunglasses are not available for this giveaway. 

Second Place Winners (SIX of you!!!) will receive $30 E-Vouchers which can be used on designer glasses!  These vouchers must be used on designer Firmoo glasses.

Here's How to Enter:

1.  Visit Firmoo and leave a comment below on which pair of glasses you would get 

That's it!  But you can get additional entries by: (please leave one additional comment per additional entry)

2.  Like Firmoo on Facebook 
3.  Register on the Firmoo website
3.  Share, tweet or re-post this contest 
4.  Like Frannie Pantz on Facebook
5.  Follow Frannie Pantz on Bloglovin

Deadline for this contest is midnight (Mountain time) on Friday, March 22, 2013. 

Orange Gingham Dress-eShakti; Cream Cardigan-gifted by Grandpa; Camel Suede Wedges-Target; Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earrings and Pearl Bracelet-from Qatar, gifted by Patrick 

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