March 20, 2013

Mission #4, Day 3

Day 3 of Mission Week with pencil skirts and today is a much more colorful, eclectic approach.  I didn't really want to wear tights, but Colorado took a chilly turn last minute.  And I wanted to wear my leopard heels instead of the flats but today called for flats because . . . 

It's official.  Brielle has Influenza A.  Certified.  Kaden probably has it but tested negative because the doctor said she thinks we caught it early.  Conner had to get a physical.  All three required prescriptions.  That's three doctor appointments, three prescriptions,hundreds of dollars for same and yet another missed day of work.

Luckily my work is really compassionate.  I've been working there for three and a half years.  They know me.  They like me.  And Patrick fixed it up so I can work from home.  So between dozens of fixins of toast, poring of waters, administering of medicines, disinfecting and temperature checking, I can actually work.

And I have to say, it's really weird for two of my kiddos (my two most active kiddos at that) to be down for the count.  This morning I actually saw a glimmer of hope as they were smiling and joking for a bit there.  It's strange because sometimes when they are their normal selves, all you want is peace and quiet.  But when they're sick and therefore lethargic and silent, all you want is to see them run around and cause mischief.

The kids can't return to school until they've been fever free and on prescriptions for 24 hours.  So I'm automatically out of commission from the office tomorrow again.  I wanted a vacation from work and all and quiet times at school, but if I don't start getting some crazed phone calls about child support and breaking up arguments over who got a bigger piece of Pop Tart soon, Imma lose my mind!

Floral Pencil Skirt-Gap, thrifted; Red and White Striped Top-Jones New York; Mustard Tights-Target; Leopard Print Flats-Payless; Fedora-K-Mart; Earrings-gifted; Watch-gifted

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