March 6, 2013

Mission #3, Day 3

Continuing on with Mission Week, here is another tip to sprucing up your jeans and tee ruts: try some denim on denim!  It's not the faux paux it used to be (stonewash jacket with stonewash jeans).  You can get chambray, a close cousin to denim, in a variety of shades.  

The key to denim on denim is to have the shades and/or textures vary.  So when you wear a light colored chambray button up with leopard print denims, it doesn't look as 80's-esque.

As you might be able to tell in these photos, we had GORGEOUS weather today.  And it is supposed to be GORGEOUS tomorrow.  And then it is supposed to snow.  Again.  

I'm kind of bummed that I've committed myself to jeans this week because when the weather is so beautiful like today, I want to break out the skirts and dresses!

But it's all for the greater good.  Pretty soon winter and cold and snow and slush and scraping windows will be long in the past and I'll be missing my jeans.  So what better send off for them then Mission Week?!

Even my daughter is sick of the snow.  And she's five.  When I told her it was going to snow this weekend, she goes "aaaaaaaw come ON!  I am sick of pants!"  That's my girl!

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans-Wal-Mart; Chambray Button Up-thrifted; Light Brown Cocoon Cardigan-Kohl's; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Purple Flats-K-Mart

Don't forget about the eshakti discount code (FRNNIEPNTZ) to use for 20% off until March 20th!

Grab button for MISSION-WEEK

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