March 23, 2013

From New York to Paris with Love Show

Last week I was invited to view the new Rae Marie collection and the debut of the Rachel Hurst collection at a fashion show in downtown Denver.

I was so elated to hear from Ms. Hurst again after viewing her spectacular pieces that were part of Colorado Fashion Week in the fall of 2012!

 Since it was a late evening affair downtown, I had the perfect excuse to rock my newly thrifted sequin mini skirt, my favorite clutch and a bunch o' bangles.

Sequined Mini Skirt-thrifted; Grey Tank-thrifted; Black Blazer-gifted; Black Booties-Old Navy; Clutch-Candie's; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Bangles-Kohl's, vintage from Grandma and gifted

Isn't my hubby so demure all dressed up?  I even got him to buy himself his first ever blazer!  And is first ever black jeans!

He's so cute!

The show was on Larimer Street, which is my favoritest street downtown.  It is always decorated and/or lit up!

The show was at a local bar, Suite 200.  

Once inside, I totally geeked out over Patrick and I's names placed on one of the reserved front row seats.

The runway was all a-glitter and peppered with little postcards about the show.

There were lots of Denver fashionistas with reserved front row seating.

 Our cute little goody bags!

Guess who I got seated next to?   The ever adorable Rachel from Denver Dress Up!  I had also met her at the Colorado Fashion Week shows in the fall.

Here are some other guests.  I don't know them, but I did get a chance to meet Robyn (nice name, huh?), third from the left, a reporter for First Class Fashionista!

And I don't know who this woman is in the white hat and gloves, but I was so in love with her timeless look, I had to grab a photo.

And now for the fun!  The first up were these great front slit, hot pink trousers which are right on trend right now!

I also really loved the top with the sequined tube top underneath!

This model totes reminded me of my girl Cait, but that aside.  These are a version of the same trousers above, but these had a funky little yellow at the top, which I loved!  And that crop top is totally cute with the teal shades!

I really loved the shear polka dot pattern on this pretty little bubble dress.  It really went well with the bright pink tights!

And this sequined skater skirt was a favorite as well, obvi.

And, of course, I was a HUGE fan of the shear little socks with leopard pumps on that same model.

This model had total sass and I loved it.  The emerald skirt was totally perfect for spring with the black and white striped blazer!

I really loved the black and white graphic windowpane print on this pretty little skirt and crop top.  It had the perfect splashes of bright yellow in the clutch and scarf!

This black dress was so gorgeous.

I loved the way that the tail just flowed along the back.

I love jumpsuits and this one is so trendy in spring's new black and white trend.  I love the graphic print!

I loved the low waisted spin on this cute little white dress.  Perfect for spring and I also loved the layers and layers of necklaces she wore!

I'm not sure, but I believe this skirt to be pleather and it is soooooo pretty.  A great length for a pleather skirt, I must say.

And speaking of pleather, the pleather accents in this ribbed sweater gave it total edge.  Loved it with these funky trousers!

I loved this dress sooooo much.  I loved the black and white stripes and yellow is my favorite color, so the subtle accents in the collar and belt were great!

A pretty peplum top and shear-esque shiny harem pants were a great twist on this pant suit look.

I loved the back of this dress so much!

I didn't get a good shot of the shorts in this look darn it, but they were so freaking cute.  The asymmetrical leopard print top was really fun too. 

I have to say, RMH really nailed the graphic black and white prints in this show and this pretty skirt was no exception.

A tweed blazer with pleather sleeves, polka dot top and pretty purple shorts?  Yes.  I'll take two.

I could not get enough of this dress.  I loved the polka dots.  Pretty Woman anyone?  Looooooved it.

Tweed, black, white and yellow accents.  Loved this pencil skirt and blazer.

And this pretty mint peplum dress would be perfect for a cocktail party.

I became quite obsessed with these slouchy pleather trousers.

The grand finale was this gorgeous leopard dress with a sexy high slit, ruffled shoulders and pretty gold belt.

Congrats Rachel Marie Hurst on a beautiful job well done!  She deserved every minute of her standing ovation after the show.

Speaking of shows, just for funsies, here are a couple of ladies that had an absolute blasty waiting for the show to start.  This woman flashdanced her way into the hearts of everyone at the show.  Good times.

Also, without further ado, the grand prize, first place winner of the Firmoo Giveaway is . . .

Alyssa!  Congrats girl!  Email me to receive your prize!

And the two winners of two vouchers for Firmoo are . . .

Kyla and . . .

Patrick!  Congrats guys!  Email me to get your vouchers!

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