March 16, 2013

Dear Frannie Friday--Road Pet Peeves

For this installment of Dear Frannie Friday, I don't have a submission, but I thought I would offer this as more of a public service to all sane drivers everywhere and share some tips on how to not annoy the hell out of 85% of the drivers on the road.  (Clearly I've been on a traffic/construction zone bender as of late.)

When you're making a right hand turn onto a highway or any other multi-lane road really, it's probably a continuing lane.  You can continue at a safe speed and eventually merge into traffic safely.

Similarly, if you are making a turn and there is a turn lane--get into it.  And then you can start to brake.  The people that construct roads usually take into account enough room for you to slow down before you have to actually make a turn.

When you're in a construction zone and a lane is ending and there is plenty of warning that the lane is indeed closed, don't be a jerk.  Don't be that person that speeds past everyone and then tries to squeeze in the front  at the last moment.  Please.

If you pull out in the middle of the intersection to make a left hand turn to wait for the cars that are going straight to get through and the light turns yellow--make the turn.  Please don't try to reverse.  You've all ready made the commitment.  Go all the way buddy.

Also, if you're not going to pull out in the middle of the intersection in the left turn lane, don't wait until the light turns yellow and then gun it through the light.  Seriously.

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