March 9, 2013

All the Good Things

Yesterday was P.F.A. (pretty freaking awesome).  In the evening Patrick and I attended the long awaited benefit to award my Mother in Law with the Champion Award from the MS Society.  Since I don't have the opportunity to get for real dressed up often, I went all in.

Patrick got dressed up too (they were his good jeans after all and I freaking love him in this shirt).

My Mother in Law being presented with her award.  She had an amazing speech, she looked great and, of course, won the room over with her charm.  I was so proud of her.

My Mother in Law and the winner of the Honor Award from the MS Society, Connie.  Beteadubbs, this is totes the outfit that my MIL bought when we went shopping last week.

In the morning on Friday, I only worked about a half day at work because Conner, my seven year old, and Brielle, my five year old, had eye doctor appointments (more on that later).  We had a little bit of time before the appointments so we messed around in the front yard.  Conner loved jumping and having me take photos of him.  It was awesome!  I don't usually get that morning time with them and it was fun to just mess around.

I went thrifting on Thursday night too and picked up these adorable cowgirl boots for my horse obsessed daughter.  She loved them so much!  This may be a bit of an inside joke, but I find it amusing.  You see my ex and his wife are really territorial about the kids' clothes and toys.  They choose the clothes that the kids can wear to my house and they are not allowed to bring their toys from Dad's house to my house.  It's really weird.  My ex even wrote his name in a pair of Conner's jeans that he wanted to wear to his house and then back to my house.  It's very bizarre.  (Of course we don't do that.  The kids are allowed to wear whatever they want to their dad's and bring whatever toys they want back and forth.)  Well the funny part of this is that the kids came back fro their dad's house this past weekend with brand new shoes.  Naturally, their stepmom asked them to make absolute sure that they brought the new shoes back to their house with them.  So Brielle put her new shoes in her backpack, as she was instructed to do.  But she did not want to take the thrifted boots off of her feet, so she wore them from Thursday night and then to her dad's house.  I thought that was cute.  ;-)

Anyway, back to the eye doctor story.  Conner has really poor vision--20/200 to be exact.  He wears bifocals and all and has since he was about 4.  Brielle had yet to be to an eye doctor appointment.  She has been psyched for it, though, for many weeks.  She hadn't showed any signs that she needed glasses.  In fact she reads at a fourth grader level.  But she was absolutely convinced that she needed glasses.  We got to the eye doctor and were checking out the glasses while we waited for the appointment and she picked these out and was absolutely in love with them.  She had her appointment and passed with flying colors--a vision of 20/15!  She was so proud of herself and happy . . . until she was told that she did not need glasses.  The girl was absolutely devastated.  She cried and put her little head in her hands and her world was over. 

So mom, of course, made a stop by Claire's on the way to school after the appointment to let her pick out her own brand new "glasses" for girls with perfect vision.  In case you can't tell from the god awful Blackberry photo, they have zebra frames.  My girl.

Oh, and speaking of horrible phone photos, but awesome pics in general, I thrifted this shirt on Thursday.  It's perfect and I love it.  I showed it to Patrick and he wanted to try it on for funsies and send a pic to Matt. He is good spirited enough to let me put it on here . . . or so I assume.  Seriously this shirt is awesome, but my husband is awesome-er.

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