October 7, 2012

Colorado Fashion Week ReCap


As I briefly mentioned yesterday, I had the great pleasure of attending two of the fashion shows this weekend for Colorado Fashion Week.

I have to say, I was extremely pleased with my experience.  It made me really proud to be involved in a very, extremely small way in representing Colorado fashion because, folks, it is here, despite our image of being "cowpokes", if you will.

All of the designers that I saw and met were extremely talented and very humble about all of their beautiful work.  I was so proud of their pieces and that they were from Colorado!

I've always, always been interested in fashion.  I have always wanted to work with fashion, but never felt that there was any market for it in Colorado.  This is not because there are not other people interested in fashion, but when you think fashion, you think New York, Texas, California, Florida and any other slew of places and this doesn't include internationally.  When you think Colorado, you think farming and ranching and the like.

I've always found that when I freak out about what to wear and try too hard to contemplate what everyone else will be wearing or what I should wear, I end up in something that I am less than pleased with and uncomfortable in.  And I spend my evening freaking out about what I'm wearing and comparing myself to others.

So I always opt to just wear what I would feel comfortable in.  Thus, for the Saturday night fashion show, I went with something totally and completely me: a little bit rock n roll, a little bit casual.  And, of course, a blazer for good measure.

I've had this vintage fringed dress hanging in my closet for a year at least, but have never found a way to rock it without the hardcore flapper reference.  As a skirt with a casual tee (from the Dane Cook show thankyouverymuch), a blazer and some studded booties, it took away the costume aspect and added some needed flair to the look. 

Most of the people at the show went with pretty dresses, designer labels and sky high heels.  They all looked great, but that ain't me babe.  And you know what?  I felt tip top anyways.

I gots a lot a pictures for you folks and you know what?  I'm not gonna apologize to you.  I know you guys just got done inhaling NYFW photos of Ralph Lauren and other high end brands and their lines, but . . . I find these just as if not more interesting.  These are designers you may not have heard of and designs you definitely haven't seen yet.  And if there's one thing I'm totally into it's supporting local businesses.  This is the real talent in Colorado people.  I'm stoked. 

Fringed Dress (worn as a skirt)-vintage; Dane Cook t-shirt-from the show; Black Blazer-A-List, gifted; Footless Tights-Kohl's; Studded Booties-Forever21; Bracelets-Kohl's, gifted and vintage from Grandma

Meet Justice Kewsi Kwarteng.  He is the founder and executive creative director of Colorado Fashion Week.  He was the host for the evening and the whole reason for all of the celebration.  He and his team at the Justice Talent Agency Group did an amazing job.

The first show on Friday was held at the JW Marriot in Cherry Creek.  The venue was all right, but my pictures were shit from this night because my wimpy Cannon couldn't hang with the dimmer lighting.  As I sat in my second row seat, I recognized a face in front of me (far right in this picture).  It was Gino Velardi, from the fashion show I went to last year!

He was sitting with Deedee Vicory of D'Lola Couture who designs wedding dresses.  She also had a show last year, though I was unable to attend.  She did a speech at the end of the show on Friday that was very inspirational about buying locally, supporting Colorado fashion and helping it to grow into something big.

Veretta Andersen

The first designer was Verretta Anderson.  I didn't get any good photos of her designs, but she makes all of her clothes with recycled goods.  The silver on the dress below is made of bottlecaps!  And what she doesn't reuse, she thrifts.  A woman after my own heart.

Nyndia Diligent

I fell in love with Nyndia's clothing.  Again, I didn't get many great photos of her gorgeous clothing, but here are some of my faves:

These sparkle disco pants.  I could die.

I loved the gorgeous lace top of this dress.

Megan Kaltenbach 

Megan designs beautiful jewelry.  She also just got married in September!  Hello!  Me too!  I didn't get any good shots of the goods at the show, but luckily, she was showcasing them at the Saturday night show where I did get some good shots at how talented she is.

I absolutely love these necklaces.  My fave of this bunch is the one in the middle.

More gorgeous jewelry.

Carlos Melendez

Carlos designs clothing for men, women and children.  He had some absolutely "me" pieces going down that runway, as showcased below.

This isn't a very good shot, but I had to include one with the little girl's adorable jacket.  I could totally see my daughter in something this cute.

And this look was soooo cute.  I love the high waisted plaid and matching jacket.

A peacock dress.  So beautiful.  Need I say more?  It's peacock!
I.  Could.  Die.  Over this outfit.  These silky, striped high waisted palazzo pants, the cropped fur vest.  Oh.  Muh.  Goodness.  I want. I want bad.

This worldly glam of a look had me at HELLO!

I had to get a shot of this girl's super cute outfit.  I loved the cigarette pants, the strappy shoes and the skinny yellow belt.  So I got a picture.  Turns out, she has a blog in Colorado too called Denver Dress Up.

 These models, especially the one on the left, were a couple of my favorites (and the girl in the black Nyndia Diligent dress above).  Just gorgeous and very charismatic.

I tried to get a good shot of the woman on the right's outfit all night, but never got her alone to awkwardly ask to take her picture.  So I tried to sneak an across the runway snap of her while Justice was speaking.  While she looks not so amused with that plan, I still loved her outfit, namely those ikat pants.

Saturday night's show was total glam.  It was in the Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  The seating was perfect for picture taking (read: this is where the picture overload really happens) and the lighting was just right.

Justice welcomes us to the venue.  Is it me or is he the most dapper gentleman you have ever seen?  Seriously.

Calli Roche

Calli is an amazing designer from Fort Collins (or Fort Compton or FoCo if you're local), which I happen to be from that area for the latter part of my life.  She did a great job showing what she was made of Saturday night.

I was so in love with this awesome jacket and these sleek yellow pants.

Could this dress be any cuter?  Hello!

Parasite Eve Designs

 Eve Jenkins is a very creative mind behind some very artistic pieces. 

This dress was my favorite.

Fashion House of Rae Marie

Rae Marie's designs were nothing short of breath-taking.  I loved her retro meets modern feel in all of her clothes.  They were made literally for anyone because they were full of fun, beauty, whimsy and versatility.  Here are some of my favorites . . . 

I really loved the sexy high slit in this dress and how the soft, feminine, shear, lightness of the dress was paired with the dark knee highs and tough boots.  Plus, I think this model looked like Ann Hathaway as a bad ass.

This dress was so great--sweet and peasanty on top, fun, edgy dark shear on the bottom.

This punkalicious concoction was right up my alley.  Sweet pink and polka dots with funky accessories like the wide belt, dark tights and long chain.

I never got a decent picture of this look, but I just had to share it.  I love the funky trousers more than I can begin to explain to you.  The funky zebra blazer is totally fun while the shear blouse, long chain and bad ass booties kept the menswear look edgy and sexy.

This look is very retro meets modern.  This is a great example of a crop top done right--with a high waisted a-line skirt.

Sparkly blouse and graphic skirt.  Would work perfect for daytime into cocktail hour.

The belt and one shoulder cut on this dress totally sold me.  Not to mention the peplum-esque draping on the front.

I loooooved this retro dress.  Perfect amount of ladylike, sexy and fun.

These pants were amazing.  I love the zip front and the mix of yellow and pink.

Not only did this model look very Maggie Gyllenhaaal-esque, her peplum dress was very office appropriate and trendy.  Plus, the booties.  God, I loved those!

This look was very subtly business sexy.  Not to wear to the office, but I would love to sport it to some other really fun event.

I loved the black and white graphic pattern mixing of this look with the pop of yellow.

I looooooved this retro, fun, ladylike polka dot shear dress.

And again stealing my heart with the funky crop top and high waisted pants.

I want this blazer.

Again great pattern mixing and I love the mint green thrown in.  Also, this adorable skirt had pocketsssss.  Yes please!
Justice Kwesi Kwarteng

Remember how I was gushing over Justice's founding of CFW, hosting a week's worth of amazing events, trying to get Colorado in the fashion game and looking like a million bucks?  Well guess what?  Unbeknownst to me until the moment he announced it, he is also a fashion designer.  And his pieces were exquisite.

Speechless.  Loved this look so much. 

This is the best shot I got of this dress, but I loved the bright colors, the oversized collar and the pockets in the skirt.

Does it get more glamorous than dripping in gold?

Favorite dress of his collection.  Yellow, pockets, cutout sleeves.  It's like Belle of Beauty on the Beast, but for grown ups.  I want it bad.

I can totally see myself in these amazing palazzo pants.  No seriously, I can.

Not only was the print on this dress beautiful, but the belt, choker and arm cuffs gave it even more pizazz.

All the designers present at the show were brought up on the stage.  I can't believe we have such awesome talent right here in this little square state.  I can't wait to see the next show.  


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