October 12, 2012

Que Sera Sera


I've spoke before about how I don't really promote my blog as much as I probably should.   

We've also spoke before many times of the adventures in public I face as my own photographer for said blog.  (Really, there are dozens of posts about this, but my personal favorites are here, here and here)

Well, it happened again.  And as usual I was a total chicken shit.

A homeless couple walked by as I was snapping these shots (notice the amusement in my face in the photo below.  I hate shooting for an audience!).  

The woman started to walk over to me and she asks what I'm taking pictures of.

"Oh, I'm just taking some pictures for a photography class I'm in," I lie.  It should be said that I believe this to be a classic style blogger cop-out.

"Oh!  How fun!  So are you taking photos of this tress?" she asks.  *in my head I'm going "dammit!  follow up questions!"*

"No . . . I have to take photos of myself," I explain.

"Oh . . . so you're obviously in school then . . . right?  What are you gonna do with this when you're all done?"

"Ummmmm . . . I'm not really sure . . ."

"Oh," she chuckles, "well que sera sera right?"

Indeed ma'am.  Indeed.  Please feel free to sit on a nearby bench and watch my every move for the next ten minutes.  Thanks.

 Red Jeans-vintage; Shear Fishtail Hem Polka Dot Blouse-Target; Navy Polka Dot Tank-gifted; Necklace-Target; Heart Cuff-gifted; Two Tone Cap Toe Heels-Franco Sarto

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