October 13, 2012

One Man Every Man


Doesn't this look like the perfect fall day?  All bright and sunny-ish and colorful?

Well, it was until about an hour after these photos when it was freezing and raining.

And, lucky me, Kaden had a football game.  So there I stood in the cold and the rain, watching my son play football.

Words cannot possibly describe how over the youth football season I am.  Truly.

Nonetheless, Kaden's coach made t-shirts for all of the boys on the team with their team slogan on it: One Man, Every Man.

The boys were pretty stoked, so the coach opened the ordering to parents too stating that they made them in adult sizes as well.

He warned, however, that the moms might not be as comfortable wearing the t-shirt with the slogan on it.

One mom wrote back to the email: "This mom would proudly wear one!"

This funny little slogan is only exemplified by the fact that the name of the team that Kaden is on is The Trojans.

So the t-shirt says "One Man Every Man" on the front and "Trojans" on the back.

Um, yeah.  I don't think she gets it.

Oddly enough, both of my sons are on teams called the Trojans.  And I am very proud of both of them and their teams.

I'll cheer at the games (I am learning more and more about football each game, but really my "cheering" consists of clapping when the other parents clap because I still don't really get what the hell is going on), even if it means freezing my ass off.

But . . . I'll probably pass on the shirt.  Thanks Coach.

  Stripted Top-thrifted; Burgundy Cords-J. Crew, thrifted; Leopard Flats-Payless; Scarf-Kohl's; Coat-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Spiked Bracelet-gifted

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