October 30, 2012

Almost Didn't See Ya There


I don't have a lot of substantial heart to heart to share with you this evening, but here are some really random tidbits for you should you want to indulge.

  1.  Oh what's with the title?  Yeah, I'm wearing camo.  I was told this today.  Well done.

2.  Carving pumpkins sucks, but the experience of carving pumpkins with your kids is AWESOME.  We totally slacked on carving pumpkins this year (is this holiday over yet?  I swear we've celebrated it 14 times this month) and didn't get our pumpkins until tonight.  We went to bed late.  We got seeds and goop everywhere.  The kids had a blast.  And it was awesome.

3.  Wool jumpers.  Get one.  Easiest layering ever.  Comfy as hell.

4.  11 . . .  is a tricky age. My son doesn't let me take his photos anymore.  Ever.  Which is too bad because he lives in camo and today, we totally matched.

5.  Speaking of "is it over yet", can we just freaking vote already?  Got damn!

6.   The best thing about early in the week?  I usually get to see my mom.  Today we power lunched and caught up.  Awesome.

 7.  Tosh.0.  Most inappropriate guilty pleasure.  Impossible to write posts while watching. 

8.  No seriously, I can't watch Tosh.0 and type a blog post at the same time.

 Leather Jacket-Wal-Mart; Denim Vest-Christopher & Banks, thrifted and DIYed; Camouflage Top-thrifted; Wool Jumper-thrifted; Footless Tight-Kohl's; Studded Boots-Forever 21; Hat-really old

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