October 2, 2012

Picky Picky


Making dinner at my house can be pretty tricky sometimes.  Conner is super easy.  That kid will eat anything, or at the very least he'll try it.

I like pretty much everything.  Mostly veggies.  I could eat any veggie any time in any form.  No problem there.

Brielle used to eat anything.  She'll still down some fruit like it's nobody's business.  But she idolizes her oldest brother and Kaden . . .

is super picky.  He doesn't like veggies.  He doesn't like fruit.  He doesn't like Chinese food.  Or Mexican food.  Or pretty much anything that isn't meat.  He won't even eat cereal anymore!  What kind of kid doesn't like cereal????

The worst, though, and the strangest eating habits by far are Patrick's.  He has the weirdest dislikes of food I have ever heard of.

He loves spicy food, but he won't eat bell peppers.  Or tomatoes.  Or onions.  Pretty much any veggie is off limits for him as well including . . .

Potatoes!  I know!!!  Seriously any potatoes--mashed, french fries, hash browns, tater tots, baked potatoes.  None.  And he's pure breed Irish.  What the???

Even though I still make nutritious meals (almost) every night that contain veggies and I still make potatoes, he won't eat 'em. 

Needless to say, making a meal that my whole family will eat or likes is damn near impossible.  Thanks to my Pintrest obsession, I've been able to experiment here and there, but I have yet to make an entire meal that my whole family will enjoy. 

The only thing I have not learned to like yet is seafood.  I can do shrimp, but that's as far as that goes.  What about all of you?  Do you have any weird food aversions?  Also, who doesn't like potatoes?  Whatta freak!

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