October 19, 2012



This look was very Jerseylicious for a boring Friday at work (the first one in a looooooong time by the way).

But it was also totally girly, which is good because I had a very important date tonight.  With my daughter.

She is so darn cute.  She loves having "girl time" with mama.  Even though all we did was get some McDonald's (her choice tonight . . . yuck) and go shopping for supplies for the Halloween party.

We also made a little trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to use some gift cards from the wedding that have been burning a hole in my pocket.

My waffle iron broke (for shame!), so we got a new one.  Aaaaaaand, despite my reservations, I got us a new coffee pot.  I've been using the same one since I got my first place at 19.  I suppose after 11 years of service, it was time to retire the ole girl.

Meanwhile, Patrick took the boys to a high school football game.  They were invited by their teams to watch the game and during halftime show, all of the Trojans (Kaden and Conner) got to go out to have a special ceremony.

Even though this weekend is going to be packed to the gills with to-do's and festivities, I'd say we are already off to a very good start.

Speaking of great starts, guess what?  I got two amazing things in the mail yesterday.  The first one is my new driver's license!  Yay!  I've waited my whole life to get rid of this last name and now I am officially a Martin (er, I mean, I actually have the photographic documentation proving I'm a Martin).  Holler!

The other thing that I got was our wedding photos CD!  I can't wait to show y'all some shots from our special day.  It's only been, what, almost two months ago now?  Yesh.

But this brings me to a question.  I need your opinion on this: which would you rather have--one big ginormous post of wedding stuff or a few sprawled out posts containing some wedding stuff?

I've seen it done both ways and I actually prefer the latter, but I figured I'd take a quick poll.  I really like how Megan did hers . . . maybe I can do something like that.  I don't ask opinions very often so here's your chance to give me yours!

  Hot Pink Skinny Jeans-Target; Striped Peplum Top-Kohl's; Studded and Chain Boots-Forever 21; Studded Bracelets-Kohl's; "Diamond" Bracelet-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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