October 29, 2012

Share the Covers--Wannabe

Here, of course, is the original . . .

And here is the cover . . .


 Thanks everyone for all your support in my last post.  I do, however, feel like the biggest sissy on the planet whining about something that seems so trivial in comparison to what many are experiencing on the East Coast.  I do hope that everyone over there is being safe and doesn't suffer too much loss.

Here's another confession for you: I suck at finances and money.  Like really bad.  So, a little over a month ago, I started a budget for the first time ever, with the help of Patrick.

And I did really, really good!  It sounds awful to admit, but for the first time in so long I don't even remember, I went a full month without paying any bank fees or going into the negatives.

That being said, I decided that I wanted to treat myself, just a little bit.  A week or so ago, I spotted a Salvation Army nearby my work.  I didn't even know we had one out here!

So, I stopped by there on Friday and, armed with a modest cut-off spending amount, and of the couple of treasures I scooped up was this amazing suit with a peplum blazer!  $7 people.  $7.

 Let me interject for a second and say something that a lot of other avid thrifters can appreciate:  I despise thrifting during and around Halloween time.

Sure, there is the possibility of finding some really cool meant-to-be-part-of-a-costume-but-I-could-make-it-work-for-everday pieces there, but there are also . . .

At least where I'm stationed for work (i.e. college town U.S.A.), the crowds are full of the spoiled youth of America poking fun at and making a mockery of the thrifting process.

Does anyone else experience this?  Girls holding up perfectly good sparkly shirts, saying that they "guess it'll do" for a disco costume?  Boys holding up perfectly good suits, smirking to each other and saying things like "Nice suit, dude, where'd you get that?  Oh, Goodwill.  HAHAHAHAHAH."

Well I don't care about that.  For a small chunk of change, I ended up with lots of pretty goodies, including this suit.  And when people ask where I got it (and they have!), I will proudly tell them.

So, as fun as Halloween is, I've already hosted a huge Halloween party for many kids, took my kids to other Halloween parties and went thrifting during the heart of omgwhatamigonnabe thrifting.  I'm done now.  Bring on Christmas!

 Suit-Dani Max, thrifted; Striped Tights-gifted; Snakeskin Studded Heels-Vanity, gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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