October 5, 2012

It Happened . . . It Happened


No, not that part in Bridesmaids (but I will give you a million bonus points if you said the title of this post in the same voice that Lillian did), IT happened.  What?, you ask.  Allow me to explain . . .

First of all, you can't tell in these photos, but it snoooooowed  last night.  It was only about a quarter inch, but it did in fact snow last night.  There was snow on the ground this morning.  Snoooow.  On October 5th.  That can't be good . . .

However, the snow had no sooner hit the ground before my boys were in full, head-to-toe snow gear--snow pants, boots, mittens, hats, jackets--and out having a snowball fight.  At 7 in the morning.  I wish I was still so excited for snow.

Oh and what else?  Oh, I almost had a freaking heart attack earlier at work.  Yes, it was busy.  Daryl's out of town.  Small fires are sparking up everywhere in family law town.  But that's not what almost put me into cardiac arrest . . .

I was passing the time, Pinning of course, while I was simultaneously organizing some paperwork when suddenly . . . it was gone.  My "She Got Style" Pin board (which is where I got inspiration for this outfit beeteedubs).  All the others were there, but the most important (with my "Gettin' My Eatin' Dress On" being a close second) board was just gone.  It was gone.

Thankfully, a few re-closing, re-opening and refreshing clicks later, we were back in business.  Random thought that popped into my head: if there was a time in a relationship where one person gets cheated on and gets the ole "it was just one time . . . I made a mistake" speech, the other person should figure out how to delete their Pin boards.  Then give that same speech to the cheater when they freakthefuckout that their Pins, allllll those Pins over so much time were just . . . gone.  That'll teach 'em.  Idk, I have weird thoughts sometimes. 

Anywho something else satisfying that happened on this lovely Friday?  I gots to go back a bit for this story but you're gonna like it.  If not, it's cool, but it put me on Cloud Nine so whateves.

Several months ago, I got an email from Colorado Fashion Week that fashion week in Denver would be from October 2-6.  In all the haphazard fury that was my wedding planning, it got forgotten.  It wasn't until earlier this week that I got a reminder on my *geek voice guys* Cozi family calendar.  Shiiiiiit.

Let me also explain that I did go to the first ever Colorado Fashion Week fashion show last October.  The show itself was fabulous, but it was the first year, so the word didn't really get out on the street.  I only found out because the bestie Chris' hairdresser had told him about it because she was doing the hair for the show.

Also, earlier this year, I got an email to go to a fashion networking event.  I went.  I never blogged about it because . . . it didn't work out.  I think I was the only fashion person there.  Nothing was set up.  No signs, no booths, no food and a $10 minimum to use a charge card and their beers were like $2 each.  Needless to say, I was starting to loose a little bit of faith that Colorado fashion was going to pull through.  And it's a shame because we get a bad rep for being totally out of the fashion loop.  Which is even more unfortunate because there are some insanely fashionable peeps in D-Town!

At any rate, I ended up working out with Patrick for me to go tonight and I have to tell you . . . totally impressed.  The venue was nice, the show was spectacular, the clothing was gorgeous, the speeches were absolutely spot on, the people were friendly, the photographers were aplenty and there was foooooood.

I got to meet alllll of the inspirational designers, plus the head of Colorado Fashion Week, plus some models, plus some really cool peeps.  I'm planning a big ole post about it this weekend because . . . I may go to the final show tomorrow.  I maaaaay be volunteering at said show.  I'll keep you posted . . . 

PS-Bonus points for me cause I made it through traffic, got to stroll around 16th Street Mall and absorb all the beauty of the city, paroozed around H&M, rode the mall ride, found where I parked my car (this is a constant issue for me), got to the show on time (an even more frequent issue for me), had a great time and made it home in one piece even though it was snowing again on my way home.  All in all, the perfect date with myself.  Cheers!

  Leather Leggings-Star City; Oversized Oxford Shirt-Norma Kamali; Grey Blazer-Mainframe, gifted; Sequined Beret-vintage and gifted; Boot Socks-Ross; Ruffle Suede Boots-Kohl's; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted

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