March 31, 2012

March Re-Capped


 Am I the only one who cannot believe that today is the last day of March?  Probably not.  Even more amazing for today to be the last day of March and Colorado has not seen so much as a snowflake all month!  March is supposed to be our snowiest month and yet--zip.  Not that I'm complaining . .  .

So how was everyone's March?  Mine was a whirlwind of emotions.  In a word, I am very glad to bid farewell to this month and move on to April. 

Though April definitely does not promise to be boring.  I have two kids' birthdays in April and Easter.  Yikes.  

And the wedding to-do's continue.  Today, however, I did check one more thing off of the checklist--the florist!  

I met with the florist today to discuss my flowers.  Because we will be married in a garden, we won't really need any floral decor, but we will need four bridesmaid bouquets, two bridesmen's boutineers, a bouquet for me and a tossing bouquet.   

And I am happy to report that this was one of the easiest and least painful finance-wise of the wedding planning process.  Hooray!

I want things to be simple, but elegant.  So my bridesmaids will have purple stock flowers and orange gerber daisies wrapped in ribbon and mine will be the same but bigger and with some orange lillies.  

And, yes, I am still working on my Shop My Closet feature.  Turns out, this is a lot of work!  I don't know how the pros of blogging do this!

As for the rest of my Saturday, I plan to be taking it easy and tackling some small chores and to-dos.  It's been a long time since I slept in until after 10, but I did today and it is making me a little lazy.  

But, hey, we all need a lazy day once in a while.  Even if a lazy day still entails laundry and wedding crafts and visiting my sister and picking up one of my bridesmen's suits and dropping it off to him and . . . 

Striped Short Sleeved Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted; Khaki Mini-Esprit; Brown Mary Jane Flats-Mudd; Leopard Accented Cloche Hat-Target; Gold Watch-gifted

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