March 7, 2012

Brielle Approved


Thank you everyone for your kind comments last post hoping that I feel better.  Unfortunately, I still felt yucky for the better part of my day, hence the thrilled expression on my face.  

The weather took a turn for the worse overnight and despite the fact that I have been sleeveless for two or three days, today there were snow flurries and cold temps.  Go figure.  

This also explains the title of this post.  I have had these bursts of creativity lately and have literally dozens of outfits sitting on my curtain rod for a rainy day.  Or as I should say a not so rainy day because most of them are for spring weather.  I'm in denial about winter being over, what can I say?  So, this morning I had two options for cold weather.  My brain was still mush from not feeling well, so I turned to my daughter and let her choose which one I would wear. 

She chose the mint jeans and while I have a personal pet peeve of wearing the same article of clothing twice in one week, I am quite fond of my new jeans.  And I am also digging the "this really was a good purchase" feeling I am picking up these babies last week.  

 So I guess it all worked out.  But what's not working out is my ability to focus.  I need to try to sleep off this possible lurking virus.  Night y'all.

Red Floral Shear Top-New York & Company, thrifted; White Tank-Kohl's; Mint Jeans-Rewind for Kohl's; White Peacoat-Rue21; Gray Moto Boots with Chain and Studded Detail-Forever21; Earrings-DIY and gifted;"R" Necklace-KMart

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