March 17, 2012



I am not here.  Well, I'm not where I usually am.  Instead I am about two hours away enjoying a beautiful mountain scene and some amazing time with family.

We came up last night directly after work to a townhouse that my mom's boyfriend rented.  It is a gorgeous three story house with a hot tub on the deck.  I'd say it probably took the five of us about four minutes after arrival to get into it.

With my mom, her boyfriend, my brother and my two nieces already in there, it was a full house.  The kids had a blast though.

Then, after we put the youngins to bed, my brother, Patrick and I played Farkel.  Anyone familiar?  It is a dice game that my parents and their friends used to play when I was younger.  I kicked their asses. 

This is what I wore to work yesterday.   Remember the $10 bag sale I told you about on Thursday?  Well this paisley printed shirtdress and tan blazer were part of that snag.  That makes the total for both of these beauties $1.25.  Woop woop!

With five kids in the house, I ended up waking up waaaaaaay too early for a Saturday morning.  But it's ok because my mom and her boyfriend are making breakfast.  It smells amazing in here. 

And speaking of amazing smells, I smelled one of my favorite smells in the world yesterday: the first bbq of longer days and warmer weathers.  I've smelled people try to pull off the bbq so far this year, but you could tell it was just an optimistic gesture--too early.  But when you smell brats grilling at six at night when you're coatless and the daylight is still going strong, you know it's for real.  Totally different smell. 

I immediately said outloud "summer is almost here!"  I was quickly corrected that it's not even officially spring yet.  Ah, bah humbug.  It smelled like summer. 

Speaking of bah humbug, I went to one of my favorite spots for photos yesterday on my lunch hour.  Unfortunately, it was littered with shirtless college boys playing frisbee.  I don't typically mind this ;-) but I was not about to go busting through with my tripod and start snapping "candid" photos.  So I opted to do so across the street instead.

Apparently on the agenda today for us is a sidewalk sale, a reggae festival and a horse drawn carriage ride later.  It's gonna be awesome busy, which is a great way to be busy.   

So if you'll excuse me, I have some breath taking photos to take, a hot tub to reacquaint with, bacon to wolf down and five churrins to run around after. 

Oh yeah and it's St. Patrick's Day!  Which I am not typically a fan of.  I grew up in college towns where St. Patrick's Day meant that all the frat boys that were 1/32nd Irish would go out, get loaded, start fights and generally act ridiculous because they are "Irish boys". 

The past few years, though, I like it more.  Why?  Because my kids think that it is a holiday specific to Patrick.  It is adorable. 

So whatever you're doing today, be safe, have fun and wear green.  Ain't nobody likes an unexpected pinch. 

Brown Shirtdress with Paisley Print-Mossimo, thrifted; Tan Blazer-thrifted; Mustard Tights-Target; Platform Loafers-Bandolino, gifted; Belt-Elle for Kohl's; Earrings-Kohl's

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  1. The print on this dress is lovely :)


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