March 15, 2012



Awesome:  Peggy took me out for my first Indian food today.  I loved it!

Awkward:  My stomach may be culturally inept.  For some reason, every time I eat Chinese food, I get sick.  Apparently the same is true for Indian food. 

Awesome:  I got to hang out with an old friend.  We have kids the same age, live down the street and have never done this before.  We've known each other since middle school.  How has this not happened yet?

Awkward:  Why is the pharmacy in Target in the middle of the damn store?  Why must I have to go past all the cute spring clothes to get my son's prescription?  I already had to go get the prescription before work, drop it off after work and pick it up after putting the kids to bed.  Why must I go through this torture???

Awesome:  Watching the Office with Patrick

Awesome:  Wearing one of my new favorite thrifted pieces.  It was part of my $10 bag sale last weekend.  You get to fill a bag for $10.  So basically, this gem cost me about 75 cents.  Worth every penny.

Awkward:  Wearing horribly uncomfortable shoes yesterday, promising myself that I will treat my toesies right today, turning the other cheek when these go perfectly with my outfit and . . . having a tear come to my eye with nearly every step I took today.

Awesome:  Picking up Conner's new glasses and seeing how stoked he was to wear them.  They even have a magnetic sunglasses clip and the lenses turn dark when he goes outside.  He thinks he's the coolest.  And so do I. 

Awesome:  Gearing up to go to Winter Park this weekend with the whole fam damily: mom, her boyfriend, Pat, the kids, my nieces and my brother.  In the words of my 11 year old, it's gonna be beast.

 Cobalt Blue Embellished Dress-Thrifted, no tags; Cropped Moto Jcket-Miley Cyrus; Belt-Kohl's; Bangles-Kohl's, Wal-Mart and gifted; Black Sandal Heels-Carlos Santana; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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