March 4, 2012

Fashion Firsts


It's Sunday, so anyone that knows me is well aware of what kind of night I will be having--a Jerseylicious kind of night!  I cannot tell you how stoked I am that my girls are back in action.

One of the little quips that Jerseylicious does on their show (well during commercial) are called "Jersey Firsts" wherein the characters of the show share their firsts--first gawdy ring, first pair of heels, first kisses.  

Naturally, this made me think of my very own Fashion Firsts.  So here are my Fashion Firsts for your entertainment:

My First Trendy Lusted After Item were my bright pink Umbro shorts.  In fourth grade, everyone was wearing them.  But I grew up poor and we could not afford the $30-something pair of shorts.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, my mother (always trying to give her kids the best of what she could) got a bonus at work and took me to a local sports store to let me pick a pair out.  I swear I wore those things until they were a frayed polyester mess. 

My First Attempt At Hair Maintenance was when I got a hair kit called Perm for a Day.  I always had curly/wavy hair.  It was annoying as hell and all I ever wanted was stick straight hair like all of my friends.  Finally, I got a if you can't beat 'em, join 'em mentality and picked me up this kit.  It was just these weird curler things that you wind your hair around and then clip closed.  You are only supposed to leave them in for about an hour, but my hair was so thick and such a pain in the ass, I opted to sleep with them in.  I went to school the next day and everyone looked at me like I had just stuck my finger in a light socket the night before.  In fact, this was the exact observation that one boy verbalized to me.  Perm for a Day was very short lived after that. 

My First Pair of Heels were a pair of Payless maroon red sandals that I still wear.  They were bought after consulting with the besty Matty to, of course, wear out to impress a boy.  And I guess I never looked back after that. 

My First Expensive Pair of Shoes were my Airwalks in high school.  Nowadays you can buy Airwalks and Vans for pretty cheap, but back then these babies set me back about $60.  I was a skateboarder in high school.  Nay, I wanted to be a skateboarder but lacked coordination of any kind.  So mostly, I just carried one around and tried it out on straight sidewalks and parking lots.  (Poser)

My First Beauty Holding Utensil was none other than a Caboodle.  My dad bought it for me for my 13th birthday actually--quite possibly the only birthday present I really remember him buying me.  Nonetheless, I opened it at my 13th birthday party in front of all my friends.  I was just giddy as hell to be getting this cool, grown up present.  Suddenly as I was fishing around at its contents, my dad walked out of the room, blushing to high heaven.  The thing is that the Caboodle came with a sample pack of tampons.  Apparently a dad really does have a threshold to womandom. 

My First Glance at Fashion Demographics was in eighth grade.  I had moved from Longmont to Loveland in the middle of the school year.  When I got to the high school, I noticed that a lot of girls were still half tucking in their shirts (like letting the back hang loose while tucking in the front).  I was perplexed--um, we stopped doing that like two years ago!  <-----middle school fashion snob.

My First Expensive Pair of Jeans were, of course, JNCO's.  As I said, I was a skater wannabe in high school, so naturally, I gravitated toward unnaturally unflattering baggy jeans.  Those babies were $50 and did absolutely nothing for an awkward petite teen.

My First Disaster Haircut was in third grade.  All the other girls were getting mullets.  I know, I am ashamed to even say this, but I def succumbed to peer pressure and . . . . for a brief stint in the early 90's, I had . . . a girl mullet.  I know!  I know!  It was awful and I literally cried for hours when it was all said and done.  Note to self--a curly haired girl cannot oft get away with the same hairstyles as those with straight hair. 

And it was all of these fashion woopsies that shaped the kind of style that I have come up with today.  This may or may not explain a lot. 

Electric Blue Baby Doll Dress-Xhiliration for Target; Leopard Cardigan-Merona, thrifted; Floppy Hat with Bow Detail-Target; Purple Flats-Piper & Blue; Blue Clip-On Earrings-vintage from Grandma

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  1. Wow, Caboodles ... I had always wanted one when I was little even though I wasn't into fashion then and had no idea what I'd use it for. It was like a girl's tackle box!


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