March 3, 2012

Smile Sammie!


So my nieces spent the night last night and we hung out all day as well.  My sister is having a really rough time, so I thought I would dedicate a post to making her smile from my day with her beautiful daughters:

First--a little background is necessary.  I have two nieces, Anya, who is five and Emma, who is three.  I love them and have always been really close to me.  Anya is just the sweetest, most charming bundle of love you could ever imagine.  Emma has overcome her fear of anyone but Mom and is just a total cutie, tiny as a pixie. 

This morning, the girls were up at  6:45.  I was not.  I was so tired (haven't been sleeping well lately).  So, I pulled a total mom Saturday morning move, put on some cartoons and got the paint set out and went back for a little snooze.  I woke up at 9 to utter silence.  OMG.  I went out of my bedroom to find Emma sound asleep on the couch and Anya sound asleep on Brielle's bed.  The continued sleeping until almost 10.

Then, we made cinnamon rolls.  And they helped me frost them.  And they absolutely loved it.  They were a sticky mess of cuteness by the time it was all said and done.   

Then, we made the trek to my little cousin Avery's sixth birthday party at a bounce house called Jumpin' in Loveland.  Now, Anya has spina bifida.  She can use her legs, but not to walk.  She uses braces or a wheelchair to get around.  My sister was nervous about her in the bounce place because she didn't know if Anya would be able to participate so much.  Well, she did.  And she absolutely loved it.  She was just laughing and smiling and exploring and being a kid.  Emma is so small, but her little body was sliding down huge inflatable slides and bouncing in bounce houses until she could bounce no more.  

My sister despises camping.  She thinks it is a form of torture with all the bugs and dirt and non-bathing.  Well, the girls slept in Brielle's room last night and she has a little tent. "Auntie," Anya said pointing to the tent, "what's that?"  "That's a tent," I reply.  "What for?" she asks.  "For like camping and stuff," I explain.  Long pause of silence and then Anya says, "Well, why would you want to do that?"  Oh yeah, she's her mother's daughter all right.  

Emma was in the mood for sharing and following big sister around all day.  She decided to give Anya a Bambi sticker from their new coloring books Auntie bought for them.  "Aw thanks," says Anya, "My sister is so cute!"  Love her.

I got cheese pizza for dinner last night.  "Auntie," said Anya last night, "I don't like pizza."  "Well, just try a bite and if you don't like it I can see what else we have."  Anya takes a bite.  "Auntie," she says, "I like cheese pizza."  I mean, who doesn't really?

Anya's nose is currently died orange.  She decided she needed to keep a big ole gob of orange frosting from the cake on her nose through most of the birthday party.  And it won't wipe off now.  Your welcome.  

Crocheted Mesh Sweater-Old Navy, thrifted; Blue and White Striped Tee-Aerospostale; White Cotton Eyelet Skirt-Abercrombie & Fitch, thrifted; Cowboy Boots-thrifted; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted

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