March 26, 2012

Lady In Red . . . Or Minnie Mouse


Welcome, my friends to the debut of my new favorite thrifted dress.  I got this baby a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to share it, but with Stripes Week being last week, I had to wait until today.  

You know what I did yesterday?  Something that I have not done in the lifetime of my younger children.  Yesterday Patrick took me to church.  Now, those of you who know me IRL know that I am not big on organized religion.  So this might come as a shock to you.  

But it was actually really nice.  It is a nondenominational church and the message (about having all that you need and not worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself) was nice and well received by Kaden and I.  

To finalize the church going family cliche, we went out to brunch afterwards and it was just lovely.  I can honestly say that I would not mind going back . . . once in a while.  

Then I did something else that might come as a shock to you.  I cleaned out my closet.  No, no.  For realsies this time you guys.  I mean, the great closet purge of 2012 has happened.  

After himming and hawing over what to do with my ginormous pile of clothes, I decided I would give the ole "Shop My Closet" routine a go ahead.  I am currently in the process of photographing it all (seriously, there is A. LOT. of stuff) and hope to get it up and running within the next couple of weeks.  I plan to sell everything for under $20.  Maybe some of my afraid of thrifting counterparts would indulge in a little online thrifting, if you will.  When I get it all set up, you all will be the first to know.  Trust. 

That is one thing about this little blog.  As I have been blogging for nearly a year now (I know right????), it has come to my attention that I own way more clothes than I will ever wear.  Like ever.  In a lifetime.  I pulled out things from my closet that I didn't remember or that I hung on to thinking I would wear at some point and never did or that I have held on to hoping I will fit in them and never was able to.  Something had to be done. 

As soon as I saw this dress, I saw it with these shoes and this hat.  And I immediately started singing "Lady In Red" in my mind.  And I thought of Minnie Mouse.  And that derby scene in Pretty Woman.  And it is reasons like this that make me so horrified of getting rid of my clothes.  

As soon as I started cleaning out my closet, I started with three piles--clothes I love and will never get rid of, maybe babies and yeeeeah, I could do without this.  And as I tossed things into the latter pile, I started thinking of Lloyd on Dumb and Dumber.  "Be.  Strong.  Goodbye my loooooooove."

Is this unhealthy?  Does this make me a hoarder?  Do you all have connections with your wardrobe or am I really just a freak of nature?

Red Polka Dot Dress-Casual Corner, thrifted; Red Strappy Sandals-Payless; Straw Floppy Hat-Wal-Mart; Watch-gifted; Earrings-Shane Co. and gifted

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