March 23, 2012



As I have done many a time before, today I opted to kinda cheat and take a clue from this girl on what to wear today (far left picture):

Picture taken from This Book, which I took

This look wraps up Stripes Week with Megan of Megan Mae Daily and Keely of Casual Chic Kiki.  Def one of the faves from the week. 

Thanks for bearing with me this week.  It's def been rough.  Today, especially as Bob's wife and son came in to clean out Bob's office.  It made it so much more final and real.  It was rough, but Conor made me feel so much better when he hugged me and thanked me for helping him and his mom out.

Though this week has had several set backs including Bob, my sister, my kids going off to their dad's house for Spring Break, getting sick, etc., there have been several things that have really made me smile.  So why not remember them now, shall we?

I had to leave work for a bit to take Kaden to a doctor's appointment during lunch.  I stopped by McDonalds because he had already thrown out his packed lunch.  And he dared me to order his lunch in an English accent.  And I did.  And I rocked it.  And Kaden laughed his ass off. 

I was sitting at the kitchen counter making a salad for dinner when I heard Kaden say to Conner "why do you do that?"  And Conner reply, without missing a beat, "that's just my swagger."  

Going to Disney on Ice with Patrick, his mom, his sister, his sister's boyfriend, my three kids and her two kids.  Seriously, I cried the minute it started.  This could have something to do with my emotional week, but mostly I think I was just so happy to be spending quality time with my family.  That and it is a beauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful performance.  Really, if you've never been and especially if you have kids--go.

 Patrick taking care of business in my sickness by picking up the kids, taking them to Kumon, getting me two kinds of soup (he didn't know which one I would want) from the Chinese drive through place (I know), getting me (multiple) milkshakes for my throat and doing the dishes.

My daughter.  Just in general.  She is so darn cute and I love how she is still at the age where she loves nothing more than cuddling up with Mommy.

The fact that I have not needed a coat or so much as a sweater all week.  Today, I brought my cape to work.  I didn't need it.  In fact, I could only bare to wear it for one photo because it was hooooot out.

Realizing how amazing my mom is all over again.  She really is super woman.  I love her so much. 

Now that Stripes Week is over, I can pull out all the treasures that I got last weekend (or was it the one before? . . .) from my thrifting haul.  Sneak preview: pretty. retro. dresses.  Stay tuned. 

Silver Striped Tank with attached Cardigan-Kohl's; Floral Skirt-Gap, thrifted; Knit Knee Socks-Ross; Booties-Nine West, gifted; Earrings and Bangles-Kohl's; Cape-Rue21


  1. that's just my swagger...too funny! this is a fun inspiration with the mix of stripes and florals. i actually like your more subtle printed skirt :)


  2. Those socks are toooo cute!

  3. I really like this outfit Frannie, you copied it well while keeping it true to your esthetic. Where ever did you find that cape? It's the perfect shape and fits you like a glove! I'm so jealous!

    Glad you are all felling better!


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