March 28, 2012

Goes A Long Way


Bob's passing has not been forgotten.  In fact, while it is getting easier everyday, it is still very prevalent every day that I am in the office. 

This Saturday I had Patrick watch Kaden for a few hours so that I could go to Michael's, get some special paper, go to Starbucks and sit down to write a letter to his wife and son about Bob. 

My novel letter ended up being six pages long.  I really put a lot of thought into it.  I have seen Bob's wife nearly every day since Bob died at the office, but I chickened out on giving her the letter, so I mailed it instead.

This morning I came into an email from Gail (Bob's wife) and it was literally the best thing that has happened to me for a week. 

She had said that she and her son loved my letter.  She said that they read it and reread it several times.  She said that they would always treasure it.  She said that she knew I had been through a lot in my young life, but knew that I had a big heart and that she was confident that I would overcome anything that came my way.  

That meant a lot to me.  And knowing that my handwritten letter meant a lot to her really made it worth it.  

In other news (and to change the subject before I start to tear up again), when I took my photos today, there was a man/woman (honestly I could not tell which) practicing their yoga about 5 feet away.  Then, they came to watch me take my pictures.  

Now I don't know if you have ever experienced this, but apparently when you see someone doing dog facing sun in a ski suit and a beanie (I mean really, this person was really into it), you tend to loose all inhibitions about taking your own picture.  So I just smiled and had at it--getting downright silly at times. 

I got this dress during my thrifting splurge a few weeks back as well.  I loved it instantly.  And when I discovered that it had a front hoodie-like pocket, I was all in.  

After killing my feet in horribly uncomfortable shoes for two days (imagine that), I decided to give my feetsies a rest today and break out the flats. 

When Patrick saw me in this this morning, he suggested that the dress was a little balloon-y and told me I should put on a belt.  I appreciate his efforts, I do, but I liked wearing this dress loose.  It felt so free and comfy and not restricting.  

But to up the fun factor, I did add an also newly thrifted scarf in my hair because I also have grown an unhealthy red with white polka dot fabric obsession apparently . . . which I'm ok with.  

LBD with front pockets-Jonathan Martin, thrifted; Black ballet flats-No Boundaries; Red and Polka Dot Scarf-thrifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Cuff-gifted

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