March 13, 2012

Show Me The Green


So, I know everyone is damn near over all the Daylight Savings time hoopla, but I have made a list of several pros and cons about this antiquated practice.

Pro:  It stays light later, obviously.  I have been cooking dinner with the natural sunlight brightening my kitchen and it has been glorious.  My boys played football in the front yard with the neighbors for hours tonight.  

Con: It is still dark as flip when I get up in the morning which doesn't help when . . .

Con: We are already loosing an hour of sleep.  You wouldn't think it would be such a big deal-just sixty little minutes.  I've come to learn that it is.  Especially when you and your fiance made a joint decision to give up Pepsi (for him) and Dr. Pepper (for me) for our wedding in six months to loose weight.  Lack of some serious caffeine makes this gurl tie-erd.  

Pro:  Being able to finally take my outfit pictures after work again.  Because it has been dark on my way home or shortly after getting home, my only recourse has been to take my pictures during my lunch time at work.  This was fine for a bit, but it was so rushed that I felt often guilty for being gone from work for an extra 15 minutes or guilty about getting sub-par pictures.  

Con:  Because it is staying lighter later, all of my usual outfit shot locations have been polluted with an audience suddenly.  I love the sight of people getting out and about, but this can lead to a bigger probability that I will have to awkwardly interact with the general public.  Like when I had to damn near pledge to this guy that I was fine taking my pictures myself.  Ugh. 

Pro:  We kinda get out of work early, even though we have to kinda go in an hour early.  

Pro:  This makes us thismuchcloser to summer.  And swimming.  And barbeques.  And popsicles.  And the smell of fresh cut grass.  And iced tea.

On this insightful Tuesday, I am participating in the Every Body Every Wear challenge of wearing green today.  Go on over and check out all the other participants!

Striped Sundress-vintage; Green Sweater-Mossimo; Navy and White Heels-Payless; Necklaces-K-Mart and Target; Earrings-gifted;


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