November 30, 2011

Lost Dog

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So, long story short, Kaden informed me that when he came home from school today, the front door was wide open.  Good news?  No material thing was missing.  Bad news?  The dog was missing.

Nakita has been a part of my home and therefore my family for over a year now.  She is precious and gorgeous and needless to say, I've grown attached.  To think of her M.I.A. makes me crazy.

In addition to being fantastic, she is very skittish.  When she's around anyone other than Patrick and I, she hides under the bed or behind the couch.  So, the probability of her being picked up by someone else (a friendly person or the Humane Society or Animal Control) is very slim.

This isn't the first time this has happened.  Earlier this year (around Easter), Nakita had made her way off and was gone for five days too and it was agonizing.  The minute Patrick found her (around a like by our house), I was elated.  So elated in fact that I promptly made her her favorite dish: meatballs.    

I'm half tempted to make a batch right now and set it on the back porch with the hopes that she smells it and comes home.  Miss her so much. :-(

Needless to say, the day has been full of ups and downs.  Peggy's having a rough time and it is so sad to see those you care about upset.  But I bought her some flowers and it was wonderful to see them make her smile.  Also, long story short, I was on a total run around with renewing our insurance policy, but I did it.  I got it done.  Absolutely loved my outfit and got complimented on it several times, but I managed to loose one of my favorite chain earrings.  My kids are completely tore up about Nakita's disappearance, but they were also angels.  My boys were holding hands (yeah, literally) through the store, helping me bring in groceries, listening like never before and my daughter gave me about 48 kisses.  Now that makes it all worth while.  

See evidence of earring loss below.  But, I'm still smiling.  I tell ya, kids are magical.  I'm pretty sure my kids can cure any stress, worry, doubt or anxiety.  

Below, you can see my November monthly round up of outfits.  And also a picture of Nakita.  I know it's a long shot, but if any of my lovely readers live in or know someone who lives in the Longmont, Colorado area and sees Nakita, please e-mail me at (it comes to my phone and I'll get it right away).  She is a white German Shepard and very skittish, so be slow.  Also, if available, bring meatballs. 

 Chambray Top-Wal-Mart; Floral Skirt-gifted; Knee Socks-Ross; Ruffle Wedge Boots-Kohl's; Necklace-Kohl's; Earring(s)-gifted; Bracelet-vintage from Grandma; Cuff-gifted

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  1. awww, that's so sad - I hope you guys find Nakita - You found her before, she will return again - I will pray that you find her. try to have a good day and stay positive.


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