November 7, 2011

Kids These Days

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Just a head's up, I came about three seconds away from a heart attack today.  Seriously.  Kaden has karate class after school on Mondays at the school.  His coach or whatever called me to ask me why Kaden didn't show up today.  Uh, what?

Fast forward about forty five minutes.  Kaden is found.  He is safe.  I gave him a gigantic hug and then told him he was in deep shit.  He has been walking home from school and hanging out for a bit before I get home from work for about a year now.  In general, he's done well.

Kaden had taken it upon himself to ditch karate to go and hang out with a friend.  The friend lives nearby (and we both live next to the school), he's been over here before and his dad was home.  But when I left work in a panic out searching for him at various friends' houses and such, I have nearly lost my ish.

It wasn't that long of an ordeal in retrospect, but as any mother would know (and any person could understand) there is no more helpless feeling than not knowing where your child is. 

So that was hopefully the most stressful time of my week.   For my outfit, I found both the sweater, turtleneck tank and tweed skirt on my ARC score a couple of weeks ago.  I instantly knew they were made for each other.  Turns out, I was right.

I felt very Charlotte-Park-Avenue-princess-in-the-business-world in this outfit.   So, I added pearls for the full effect. 

Missing child found.  SATC reference.  I think I've out Mondayed myself. 

Yellow Argyle Sweater-St. John's Bay, thrifted; White Turtleneck Tank-Apt. 9, thrifted; Tweed Blue Pencil Skirt-thrifted and unknown (no tags!!!); Tights-Vera Wang; Platform Oxfords-a.n.a., gifted; Bag-vintage Coach, gifted; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted by Pat's niece ;-); Headband-Safeway

Guess What???

Do you all remember the $20 discount to eShakti's online store that I recently featured ( remember this dress?)?  Well the kind folks of eShakti have decided to extend your ability to take advantage of  the discount code ROBIN0811. So if you missed it the first time, here's your second chance!  This code is valid through December 31, 2011 so don't delay if you are interested.  Second chances don't always come around this easy!

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