November 16, 2011

Jon Kaden

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Eleven years ago at 5:12 p.m., my life changed forever when my oldest son, Jon Kaden Halvorson was born.  In the spirit of Rebecca of RWAR's Little Facts series, I will give you three facts about Kaden:

1.  Kaden does everything with his left hand except writing. 

2.  Kaden recently was nominated to raise, lower and fold the American flag at school.  He is totally stoked about it.  It's a big accomplishment for him.  Might I add that the reason that he was nominated was because he wears his Air Force uniform at least once a week to school.  Pat got it for him for Christmas last year.

3.  Kaden is at his element when doing impressions.  Seriously, the kid can do any actor, any accent and any stunt of any kind.  His favorites are Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and Will Ferrell. 

Happy Birthday Kaden!  I love you so much!

Every time one of my kids has a birthday, it makes me go all mushy mom style.  I can literally remember their entrance into the world like it was yesterday. 

From the smallest details (the first thing I wanted to eat after I had Kaden was a veggie sub from Quizno's on wheat and we watched WWF's Thursday Smackdown right after he was born) to the biggest ones (he was born while the country was still recounting votes to figure out if Bush or Gore had actually won the election--yeah if that gives you a reading of how long I've been a mother).

I was 18 when I had Kaden.  I was young and completely ignorant to what all parenting entails.  I didn't understand that being a mother was full time.  Taking a shower became something of a valued treasure.  I remember realizing at one time that I had been wearing the same pajamas for three days without showering or changing.  Moms don't get sick days, vacation days and sleeping in becomes a mirage. 

But without all of the bumps in the road, I would also miss the baseball games, the jokes, the smiles and the birthdays.  They are literally priceless moments.

It was only fitting that the first holiday I celebrated as a full fledged mother was Thanksgiving.  Becoming a mother makes me more and more thankful everyday. 

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