November 3, 2011


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Of falling snow, that is.  Not from the sky, but from the trees.  It is a hazard to walk anywhere right now where trees are.  Some time while I was taking the above picture, I got a big ole patch of snow on my nipple.  Weird and funny at the same time.

 Last night I swung by Kohl's to grab some tights because I am not done wearing skirts and dresses for the year.  (And yes I was very good as I went in for tights and left with only tights.)

For those of you interested, Kohl's is having a great deal on tights and socks right now.  All the tights I got were in the range of $6-$8.  Today, I wore socks with my tights to break up the brown in the tights and booties. 

I was really excited to wear this dress today.  I have missed it.  Sadly, one of the straps broke and it was out of commission for a while.  I revived it after my sewing class last weekend.  Words cannot express how excited I still am for learning how to use my sewing machine finally!

This is the first time I have ever worn these Ralph Lauren booties and I have had them since August.  Yeah, I know.  I actually got them in the massive shoe haul my mom scored for me and they are just now seeing the light of day.  To be honest, they are not really my style, but hey, they are Ralph Lauren, so I gave them a shot. 

This is a sweater that I have recently thrifted.  I was drawn to the color.  Once I tried it on and saw that it was a Cherokee, I knew I was buying it.  Mostly because, my grandmother wore nothing but Cherokee sweatshirts and it reminds me of something she would love.  

I am super stoked that tomorrow is Friday.  Work has been crazy busy and life is just been throwing me curve balls left and right.  I am ready for the weekend!  Plus, it means that I am one day closer to Cali with my lover.  Countdown is 8 days now!

Polka Dot Dress (worn as a skirt)-thrifted; Brown Sweater-Cherokee, thrifted; Sweater Tights-Vera Wang; Socks-Wal-Mart; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's; Belt-Kohl's

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