July 3, 2011

Three Ways Three Days Blue Casual Top

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Okay my beautiful people, today is the 3rd, so it means it is time for another edition of three ways three days.  As you might remember, I missed my last one on the 23rd.  I thought very much about not doing it this time out of laziness.  Plus, I was already wearing this really cute outfit (above).  But, I was plagued with guilt over forgetting last time, so let's call this a half-ass attempt at following through.  I really love this shirt that my sister was just about to toss, so I worked around this.  

Side note-I have had this ring since my freakshow days back in high school.  

Top-gifted by sister
Shorts-Old Navy
Watch-Patrick's ;-)
Ring-unknown and oooooooold

I actually like the way that this outfit turned out.  First of all, any opportunity that I have to sport my culottes is a good one.  Also, I like the subconscious pattern mixing attempt here.

By the by, please excuse the bandaid on my arm.  I had a fight with the hot oven while cooking dinner Friday night.  The oven won.

 Top-gifted by sister

I know, I know.  A bandana?  WTF??  I have always loved bandanas.  I know that most people hate them and I am not sure that they are particularly "stylish".  Carrie Bradshaw was scrutinized many a time for trying to pull them off.  Let's face it, often times, they don't work out.  But I happen to love them and firmly believe that if you wear them with the right attitude, whether people like them or not, think they look good or not, you can in fact pull them off if you walk around like "yeah, what of it?" all day.

My stepdad likes to call me Aunt Jemima when I wear my bandana.  

Top-gifted by sister
White Jeans-Wal-Mart
Bandana-Unknown and old


  1. I loved the second one! :) That top is perfect!

  2. I definitely had a bandana phase in high school, but I've not attempted one in quite some time!

  3. Thanks Lyddie! Yeah, it's a gamble, but I roll with it!

  4. I think the second one is my favorite! I love mixing patterns in the same color scheme :)

  5. Lovely top!My favourite outfit is the 1st one,cute combination!

  6. Love your idea of a post showing different ways of wearing the same top!
    Well done ;)

  7. I love it three ways! The top is so cute, you look lovely with the hat!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. Love your tilby hat. Great for summer=)

  9. Thank you Keira! I appreciate that!

  10. Thanks Shasie! It has a bit of flair!

  11. Thank you Marusya! I do it the 3rd, 13th and 23rd of every month--well for now at least. ;-)

  12. Thanks Cess! I really appreciate that!

  13. Thanks Carma! And btw great name!

  14. My fave is the first look. The light shorts and that fedora sets everything off with the perfect casual edginess.

  15. Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate that!

  16. i really like the second look! the floral culottes look great with the blue!

    dash dot dotty

  17. Adorable top! And great summery outfits. The first one is my fav, The hat, the flats - perfect!

  18. What a great feature, Robin! I love it when bloggers show ways of "remixing"! Ahaha, the comment of your Dad calling you Aunt Jemima, made LOL! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  19. Thank you so much Lidi! I do it every 3rd, 13th and 23rd of every month. I'm glad that you got the Aunt Jemima joke. Yeah, he thinks he is hilarious!


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