July 27, 2011

Why Wednesday and I Aren't on Speaking Terms

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I have a bunch of random musings for you today.  First and foremost, Wednesday and I are not on speaking terms.  You know why we shouldn't hate Mondays?  Because Mondays are upfront with you.  "Look, this is gonna be rough, you're gonna go through some sheet and you're gonna get back to the grind and some sheet might go wrong.  Deal with it.  I'm Monday, bitch."  

When Wednesday acts up, you're so confused.  "Wait a minute.  We're supposed to be good here.  You bring me promise of a downward slope into the weekend/vacation.  You're supposed to be on my side here."

This completely imaginary conversation happened with me and Wednesday.  I won't say it to its face.  Hence the silent treatment.

Anywho, you know what I loved about today (trying to stay positive here)?  I got two, that's right two, great compliments on this outfit today.  The first was at  Whole Foods.  Now, let me say something that is not of great popularity.  I. HATE. Loathe. Despise.  Going. To. Whole Foods.  I have to oft make the trip there for food for mediations, 4-ways and such.  Well, I live in Boulder.  To those who are NOT Colorado fluent, Boulder is a very healthnut laid back college town up in the hills.  So, naturally, Whole Foods is always packed.  And packed with people who are apparently on a Sunday stroll, no particular place to be, moving at a very . . . molasses kind of pace (It's toothpaste, dude, pick one and move on).  Ok, back to the positivity. 

The courteousy clerk  was bagging my groceries (I worked at Safeway for fourth life sucking months, and I refuse to call them "baggers").  She was an older woman.  She may or may not be on some kind of medication.  She turned to me with the biggest smile on her face and said "oh my gosh!  Look at you!  You are all dressed up today!  You look like a model *turning toward overly irritated cashier* Doesn't she look great?!"  Annoyed the cashier while simultaneously making my day.  Thank you overly excited courteousy clerk!

The other was from the cashier (ironically) at Marshalls.  Which is where I had to go on the hunt for shorts for the vaca next week.  I have recently realized that I own but twoish pairs of shorts.  (That's because I have more, but they are amateur cutoffs that I wouldn't be able to pull off out of the house.)  So I went there to track some down. 

Well, I have to insert here how much more aware I am shopping since I started blogging.  I took eight things into the dressing room and left with four.  I even put back these really cute yellow skinny jeans that I loved, but didn't really look/feel great in.  See what I did just there?  Yep, I actually tried on my clothes.  Normally, before blogging, I would have grabbed an armful of cute stuff not knowing how it looked on me and took into no consideration how many times I might actually wear it, and run over to the cashier with a smile on my face.  I was quite proud of myself!   . . . . So I congratulated myself with some new sandals.  But they were clearance.  Give and take.  

Also, I was having probably the best hair day to date this year when I left the house this morning.  I knew that something would go wrong, so I took these pictures before work this time instead of after.  Good thing, cause we had random storms all day and it turned by great hair day into . . . something else.  I didn't know how busy it could be in a random strip mall at 7:45 in the a.m.  Probably could've helped if I'd not chosen one with a coffee shop . . .   

Blue Button Down-F21; Black Sleeveless Blouse-New York & Company; Red Belt-Rockin Robins; Beaded Cigarette Ankle Pants-thrifted, Sharagano; Sandals-Candie's; Ring-Kohl's; Earrings-DIY from Tina; Sunnies-Elle 

Oh, and my mom suggested that I post photographic proof of Kaden's 3-piece suit days.  Complete with top hat.  I was not lying the other day when I told you about this.  This pic was taken about 2 years ago when we had a bite at Five Guys.  Sorry future teenage Kaden.


  1. That outfit totally rocks - I think the bold belt makes it.

    As for Whole Foods, I love the place, but it is sooo expensive and I can't ever get everything I need in a market run at that place. You know what place I can't stand? Trader Joe's (wait for collective gasps)!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa!

    Whole Foods is expensive! It's not so much that I hate the store itself, just shopping there in Boulder. I don't know what Trader Joe's is (more gasps). Maybe Colorado just hasn't been hip enough to have one . . .

  3. monica and whitneyJuly 28, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    I don't which I love more, the shoes or the belt!

    Monica @ Ask the Duplex

  4. Everyone was right, you do look great! Kaden is the coolest.

  5. Fab red belt, and ohmygod he's so adorable! It's always good when blogging does the opposite. Congrats on being more aware of your purchases.

    I am generally prepared for any day of the week to go wrong. I even expect Fridays to end in explosions if it really wants to.

  6. Thank you so much Monica! I couldn't believe someone would get rid of this belt!

  7. Aw thanks Angie! I think so too. ;-)

  8. Thank you for all your great compliments Megan! I was really proud of myself with the shopping. I was totally more aware of what I was doing here instead of just BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!

  9. I love your pants and the little detail on the bottom! Ya wed's are sneaky ;) xo -Taj

  10. Adorable shoes! Your hair looks great straight too!

  11. Thanks Taj! The beading on the bottom of these cigarette pants is JUST what made me "need" them!

  12. Thanks Jessica! Wish I could pull it off everyday!

  13. Love the button down, the shoes, AND the hair. Way cute!!

  14. Thanks so much Allie! I had to document my good hair day because they are so few and far between. ;-)

  15. Of course you got compliments! This look is fab. Girl my whole foods down here in anything you can eat Houston are just as packed. In fact they just built a new one down the street from me...teehee
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  16. I don't mind Whole Foods themselves, but when I'm in a hurry, I would rather shop ANYWHERE else. LOL

  17. I agree, the same reason I'd rather pay more to go to CVS versus Walmart. haha


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