July 21, 2011

Hello. My Name is Robin. And I'm a Thriftaholic.

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Fourteen years ago, I would not be so braggy about my frugality.  I would have hid it that I bought it on clearance and joined other pompous giggles about ARC and Goodwill while secretly knowing half of my outfit came from there.  I was a sham.  I admit it.

But in recent years, I have come to embrace my cheap ways.  Why?  Because I realized something.  In simple, SATC terms, I yam what I yam.  And what I yam is on a budget.  And what I yam is stylish.  And what I yam is someone who appreciates hand me downs, cheapies and things that nobody else has.

Hence, I planned this outfit days ago when I discovered that this edition of Every Body Every Wear was to share your favorite thrifted piece.  *cue church chorus*  I immediately thought of my red Pendleton pencil skirt.  It is one of my favorite colors to wear, red, and has pockets!  Best of all, this skirt cost me about $12.  

Sometimes I catch myself still in that awkward poor kid in the class mode, you know the drill, whining to myself that I don't own one single ligit fancy brand of Kate Spade shoes or a Dolce and Gabana gown.  But then I remember that for the price of one of those amazing pieces, I could get a whole fantastic wardrobe from a thrift store.  And the best part of all of it is that I may be the only one in creation with this piece.  The only one owning it or, better yet, giving it new life.  A second shot, if I may.

Like any good style blogger, I found a location for my photos today that matched my outfit.  Did you notice? ;-)

I don't know about you all, but this week at work has been hellacious.  Anyone else totally geared up for a few days off?

Make sure you check out all the other lovely ladies of thrifting genius at EBEW's thrift challenge here.  K pumpkins?  K, thanks bye.

 Chambray Button Down-Wal-Mart
Skirt-Pendleton, thrifted
Bracelets and Watch-vintage, gifted, DIY gifted
Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Really glad that you are able to embrace thrifting! I think it's a great concept and you can always find good items that might fit your wardrobe!

  2. I totally agree! Thank you so much!

  3. I love denim + red!

  4. Such a cute outfit! And very classic. It makes me wish I had a chambray top to copycat it. ;D I may try with a plain blue button up.

    I was so far from being a popular kid. Everyone used to be like "I spend hundreds on my bag/shoes/etc" and I was all like "I GOT THIS FOR A DOLLAR YO!" I was so proud of it. Still am. =] All that other money I could have spent, stays in my pocket.

  5. Love red -- the chambray looks great with it!

  6. you totally inspired me to wear my red skirt and denim button down together :) :) thanks!!!!

  7. I'm honored Megan! Thank you! Yeah, my boss can tell you now that every time I hear "oh I love your_____" she gets a complete run down of where I bought it and how much it costs. ;-)

  8. Wow! That's awesome! Thank you so much!

  9. I love the color combo and the cut of your skirt. I'm so glad thrifters are coming out of the woodwork. It was my "secret shame" in high school and college but I hide it no longer - and apparently I'm in good company.

  10. I definitely like to brag about bargains, but I too feel those little pangs of jealously when I see women out their flaunting their designer names. And they do flaunt - quite a bit. Why does it seem that the designers need to make their names so prominently featured?
    Someone should look polished and chic because they actually look polished and chic. They shouldn't try to fool us into thinking that their sweats look polished because they got D&G on their sunnies and Prada on their handbag.

  11. Amen to that sister! As I grow older, I get more of the same feelings. My entire outfit might cost as much as your sunglasses, but I can do so much with so little. I think it makes you appreciate the items more to thrift-the care that someone put into making them, the "thrill of the hunt" in finding that one amazing piece and when it's a bargain on top of that, it's just the best!

  12. Red + chambray is one of my favorite combinations! Plus sparkly! Love this look.

    I wish I was a better thrifter. I just don't have the patience to dig through racks of clothes. That's probably the reason I am almost exclusively an online shopper. Click, click, click and you are done!

  13. Amazing skirt!! Great find!


  14. Lauren it so good to see you here! Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to thrift again. It is so fun!

  15. Love that outfit! The skirt is amazing, and the shoes! Oh, the shoes!
    I have to agree with you about those (brief) moments where I wish I had a lovely pair of Louboutins, but then I remember how much money that is in thrift store shopping (based on my monthly budget, it would take about 10 months for me to afford a pair).

    Really enjoyed reading this. Will be back for more. :)


  16. So very well stated. I too embrace my fugality but at the same time I'm not very outward with it to alot of my friends-in fact most of them (besides my very best friend and boyfriend) dont even know that I have this blog. Crazy I know but I just haven't yet gotten to the point where I want them to know about that part of me. I love your fit. Red is also my favorite color to wear and anything with pockets makes me swoon.


  17. Thanks for your support Jess! It is just a brief feeling isn't it? I think even if I had the money, I would probably opt to thrift. ;-)

  18. OMGoodness girl! You have a great blog! Flaunt it! But I hear what you're saying totally. Thanks so much for your support!


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