July 18, 2011

A Serious Case of the Mondays

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Here's the skinny on this outfit.  Do you ever have those moments in the morning when you have nothing planned to wear and something miraculously jumps out at you and saves the day?  Well this outfit was not one of those moments.  I played with my clothes for a good 20 minutes this morning waiting for that moment.  Ultimately it came down to comfort, simplicity and light so as to not sweat my ass off.

Anyone that knows me knows that I like it HOT.  I have a space heater that lives under my desk that I frequently use year round because my circulation is like molasses and I get chilled way easily.  However, even I am at the point right now where I'm like "ok, we can turn the intensity of the heat down just a smidge."  It's freaking hot out!

Today was so busy.  This is good in that it makes the day speed by.  But it also is stressful, exhausting and frustrating.  This is exacerbated by many errands ran in sweltering heat.  Woof.

I took these photos after dropping some docs off at ye ole Fed Ex for work.  I was so done with the heat and to-do's at this point, that I could not even muster the energy for a smile or any kind of fun pose.  

I thought about not even blogging today.  After all, the outfit is nothing special, the pictures are low quality and even Peggy said that I looked really groggy this morning.  I didn't even do my make up today!  (I KNOW!!!!!!)  But, I felt bad neglecting my blog all weekend, due to family being in town and having WAY too much fun having water wars with them at a nearby park.  So, I'll make it up to you tomorrow.  Promise.  

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  1. Sunglasses, a great belt, and confidence goes a long way. ;D You still look very chic and breezy.

    I know what you mean about the heat. I panic every year about the coming winter. So scared I'll freeze my but off. Comes from being a Southern girl. We all freak at the threat of snow, one flake and everything shuts down.

    Stay cool! This heat wave will pass soon.

  2. Ugh, I had a serious case of the mondays today too! I went to the beach yesterday and it was hard jumping back into work mode. Also, I like it warm too, but even this heat is too much for me! Actually, it's not that's killing me, it's the humidity! Also, love your dress- I think it's really cute :)

  3. Love your look!Very working girl!

  4. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! I'm a total weather whiner and have major winterphobia. Thank you for your kind comment!

  5. OMGosh I bet that was hard to come back to work after the beach! Thank you so much for your kind comment. Colorado is generally really dry, but we have had so many thunderstorms lately, that I feel like I live in a greenhouse! I don't like it one bit and neither does my hair.

  6. Gorgeous look hun, love the belt and your oh, so chic bag -gorgeous!! And I've heard that the temperatures have been scorching, we are having the mildest summer ever!! It's actually been kind of cold, eeeps. Have a great day. xx veronika

  7. Looks like this outfit saved the day to me. It looks effortlessly (even though it took 20 minutes) chic and pulled together.


  8. I really dig the chic-ness in that outfit. It is simple but looks so put-together and modern, I really like it!

    And yes, I get the "nothing works" moment in my closet all the time. The BF knows it's bad when he comes into the closet and finds me sitting on the floor, staring up at my racks with a blank look on my face!

  9. I'm glad you blogged today, a sheath is such a classic and timeless look! I wish I had one!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  10. Thank you birthday girl! I have been longing for the upper 90's days . . . until they were here. I'm just a whiner at heart I guess. ;-)

  11. Shelly, thank you so much for making me feel good about being uninspired and lazy ;-)

  12. Thank you so much Lidi! It was an easy peasy piece. I'm sure no one missed me not blogging, but I just felt so neglectful not to do it yesterday. ;-)

  13. Thank you so much Lisa! I HATE those mornings! I really need to be better organized, but this heat is really stifling my inspiration.

  14. Shift dresses are so fantastic! You can do almost anything with them so choosing one when you are less inspired is always a good bet.

    Faerl Marie

  15. Great dress, so classy !

  16. Thanks so much Faerl! I appreciate it!

  17. Whoo hoo, glad this dress jumped out for you and we get to see it. It's amazing on you. Love the color too...the very light, subtle pastel

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway

  18. Thank you so much Shasie. That means a lot because this outfit was one of those, meh, I'm not feelin it outfits. I appreciate that!


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