August 21, 2013

Mission #15--Day 3

When I decided to do denim/chambray for Mission Week, this shirt immediately popped into my head.  Seriously, I think I could write a month's worth of posts on the importance of a chambray button down in any girl's wardrobe.

These babies can be layered, buttoned up, left open, tucked in or left out.  They can be worn in all seasons.  They work with damn near anything in your closet.  Seriously, if you don't own one, get one.  Take the chambray shirt challenge.  Do it now.

I can't stop thinking about how stoked I am to move into the new house.  It is totally move-in ready for us, but there are a lot of things that we will want to eventually remodel.  For starters, the closet in the master bedroom.

There are two actually.  One is one of those weird kind where the accordion-like doors bend outward to open it.  The other is bigger, but smaller than the one I currently have.  Mine is a walk-in.  This is more of a step-in.

We'll have to make it work, of course, in the interim.  Of course, Patrick and I have very different ideas on how to make it work.  As anyone who reads this blog can appreciate, I have a lot of clothes.  A.  Lot.  And most of them require a hanger (dresses, leather, skirts, blouses, button-ups, etc.).  Not to mention, my shoe, hat, belt and scarf collections.

Patrick is so cute.  He has all these grandiose plans for the house and the great part is that he is qualified and experienced to do them himself.  He's all excited and that gets me all excited.  But he thinks he's gonna get the second closet in the master bedroom.  To hang his t-shirts.  And jeans.  Isn't that cute?  ;-) 

Chambray Button Down-L.E.I.; Grey Tee-thrifted; Studded Leggings-Rue21 and gifted by my sister; Booties-Old Navy; Neon Yellow Cross Body Bag-thrifted; Earrings-gifted; Watch-Fauxlex, Patrick's; Sunnies-Target

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