June 4, 2014

Mission #34, Day 3--Claudia

On this third day of Mission Week, we will celebrate my personal favorite character in the Babysitter's Club series--Claudia Kishi.  I imagine that Claudia's outfit would have a lot more color than this, but I definitely think that the junk food loving artist would approve of this look with the vest.

You know what's kind of crazy that I just remembered randomly?  A group of my friends and I in middle school actually tried to start our own Babysitter's Club.  I kind of can't believe that I forgot about it until now.

But we made (by hand--thanks 90's!) a ton of fliers and distributed them in mailboxes.  We made the whole "kid kit" things to take on our sitting adventures.  We had weekly (well . . . for about a month . . . or at least three weeks) meetings.

We even got some clients out of it too, for a little while.  But it fizzled out as did our enthusiasm about it after our weekends were full of babysitting rather than just hanging out being kids.

Perhaps we didn't have what it took.  Or perhaps we were too busy being reckless kids without the need or desire for responsibility and money.  Honestly, my son is 13 and I don't know of any kids his age responsible enough to do what these gals did in the books.  Fiction can lead to disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment, I just realized I am wearing head to toe Target today (except for my jewelry).  I hate when that happens.

Fringed Vest, Cargo Pants, Grey Tee and Black Tennies-Target; Sunnies-shop in mall; Elephant Necklace-Charming Charlie's

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