June 26, 2014

Thursday Mixer--Chambray/Linen Wedges

I won these fabulous wedges from a blog giveaway to Blowfish.  I was so psyched because I have always been a huge fan of Blowfish.  I knew these wedges were unique enough to be paired with dresses and skirts, but casual enough to be paired with pants.

The cost was $0, so there is no price per wear for these babies.  But at 8 wears in two years, it clearly would've been a decent investment had I paid for them.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom Left to Right- Now, 2, 3, 4

Some of the best (IMO) movies I've seen with or at the request of my best friend, Matty.  This list includes First Wive's Club, Steel Magnolias and, of course, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.

Recently, he was appalled that I'd never seen Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.  I saw it on sale at Target a couple of days ago and picked it up (which, btw, is pretty much the theme of Target isn't it?).

I've been trying to keep myself pretty busy on maternity leave--organizing, cleaning, exercising, etc.--but I gave in today and popped the DVD in to fulfill a different kind of maternity leave bucket list item.

I have to say--pretty cute.  It makes me hope that Matty and I will still be close like those ladies when we are grey.  And it made me wish we were in the south.  With beignets.

Red White and Blue Striped Skirt-Halston, thrifted; Grey Tee-Target; Denim Vest-Christopher and Banks, thrifted and DIY; Chambray/Linen Wedges-c/o Blowfish; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted

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