August 6, 2012

Share the Covers--I am a Man of Constant Sorrow

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Music Playlist at
 Today's cover is a fairly recent one. I personally loved the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou? which is where I first heard the "original" of this song, though the song itself is actually from 1913--so nearly 100 years ago! But I looooooove this cover so much. Bon appetit!

 So. I didn't blog this weekend. Obvi. Saturday I had community service and Sunday I just wanted to enjoy my kiddos. A lot of you wanted to know how community service went. Here goes nothin' . . . 
 I had to wear a big vest that was literally picked up off of the dust-ridden floor with the words VOLUNTEER branded in the back.  I cleaned windows, dusted cobwebs, swept floors, lifted furniture and faced the merch. 
 I came home sweaty, dirty, full of cobwebs and violated.  And, I'll just come out and say it, it smelled like fart 89% of the day.  Apparently, second hand material thrift stores evoke some gas issues.  Some old guy walked around and followed me for several hours at the store.  Finally he goes "How much do they pay you to volunteer here?"  I answer "Um, nothing."  He goes "Well at least you don't have to pay to volunteer!"  In my head, I'm like "actually . . ."  
 Let me tell you ladies, I have never been so grateful to work at a desk, in the AC, with internet access in all of my life.  I have not worked in that capacity for many moons.  It was quite humbling.
But it wasn't all bad.  One of my tasks was to move around furniture.  I asked Paula, my supervisor, if I could arrange them to look like an actual living room/dining room.  She said that was a great idea so I kind of took charge of the task.  Pretty soon all the other "volunteers" (I'm not gonna lie, we were clearly all there for the same reasons . . .) were even asking me where to put things and we sold a lot of what I put out there.  Not too shabby for my first go . . .
I got home, burned laundered my work clothes, dove in the pool and took a nap while I waited for my mom to get back with the kids (who I dearly missed while I was serving the community).
 And Sunday was glorious.  I spent all day just hanging out with the kids.  We played in the pool, played in some kind of homemade goo and made fantastic burgers (side note: my kids will only eat burgers if Patrick grills them).  My brother, his girlfriend and her daughter came over too so it was a full house.  I love those days.
 Striped Pleated Dress-Macy's; Denim Jacket-Lee; Red Patent Criss Cross Sandals-Payless; Earrings-gifted
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