March 13, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--Normal Person Thoughts vs. Style Blogger Thoughts

We bloggers--we're a different breed, aren't we?  Some of the choices we make are just silly to other people but at least we have each other to relate to.  I have never found this to be more so than when I started actually meeting other bloggers in real life!!!!  Like I can say Kendi and peeps know exactly who I am talking about.  So just for fun, here are some things that I have recently found myself saying or thinking that only other bloggers could understand:

1.  Snow  Seriously, the snow.  It is crazy bloggers and snow.  There is a fine line and a sliver of time between "yayitssnowingitssoprettythesewillmakegreatshots!!!!!" and "f*#$!!!  It's snowing.  I wanted to wear sandals/I don't want slush on my pants/it's going to be freezing as F@#$ when I take my OOTD photos."  *Note that there is not usually a time when snowing will actually stop the photos.  If the outfit is good enough, we'll risk frostbite to get shots in the falling snow. 

2.  Coats  On a similar note of the snow--coats.  We love 'em.  We have dozens of them (or . . . is that just me that has a coat hoarding problem?).  And yet, we will often shed them for at least some of our OOTD photos just to get a shot of the full outfit sans jacket.  Because, you know, hypothermia is a small price to pay for you to adequately be able to view which belt we wore with those shoes or the exact genius behind our layers of shirts.  There is, after all, a method to our madness.

3.  Food  Am I the only one who eats much more carefully prior to outfit photos and then pigs out like I haven't had food in months after I'm in the clear from spills, food in my teeth and greasy fingers?  . . . Please say you do it too bloggers.  Because I've put buffalo chicken sandwiches on hold and damn near passed out from starvation just to ensure that my white sweater stays white for photos.  #ihavenoideahowtophotoshop

4.  Props   When you're a blogger, anything can be a prop in your photos--especially if it's trendy.  Did someone get you flowers today?  Did you just go through the Starbucks drive through?  Did your magazine subscription just come in the mail?  Did you boss just bring in a bunch of apples from his orchard?  Have you risked your life on train tracks to get a cool photo?  It's all fair game for OOTD photos baby.  #geterdone #fakeittillyoumakeit #bloggersknowbest #wealsospeakfluenthashtag

White Crocheted Maxi Skirt-thrifted; Snakeskin Tank-Pamida; Denim Jacket-Levi; Elephant Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-vintage from Mom; Studded Booties-Forever 21

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