March 31, 2015

Mission #54, Day 2--Tennis Shoes

You can't very well have a sporty look without talking about tennis shoes, now can you?  I know we just did sneakers for our last Mission Week, but still--they don't get old, AMIRIGHT???  And honest to goodness, I wear these wedge sneakers WAY more than what happens on the blog.  They are comfy and easy to throw on and off.  The extra inches on my height doesn't hurt either.

I've been having kind of a nervous breakdown/panic attack situation going down for the past few weeks.  Part of it had to do with all the stuff that I have going down between work and the house and the kids and all of their stuff.  And the other part of it had to do with the fact that for weeks after Daylight Savings Time, Reilly went through a bout of not sleeping.

I don't know how many of you have been through the baby no-sleep phase(s), but let me tell you--that ish is EXHAUSTING.  It was like I had exhaustion insomnia.  I didn't sleep through the night because Reilly decided he was going to get up every two or three hours and when I did go to sleep in or go to bed, I couldn't sleep because of all of the ish going on in my head.

So I told Patrick that it was his turn and vowed to NOT get up with Reilly in the middle of the night and to make Patrick do it.  As usual (because he is a saint of all saints), Patrick obliged and it was decided--I needed sleep so Patrick was on baby nighttime duty.

But guess what?  From the first night that Patrick was supposed to get up with Reilly until now, that baby has slept through the night.  Like eight or nine hours straight through the night.  So Patrick didn't even have to actually get up with him at all, but neither did I.  

Whatever works I guess . . . #thanksreilly

Leather Pants-Lip Service, thrifted; White Oversized Oxford Shirt-thrifted; Pink Sequined Tube Top-vintage; Wedge Sneakers-Target; Buckle Cuff-H&M; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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