March 24, 2015

Share the Covers--Fools Rush In

I am not sure if Elvis Presley sings the original, but it is one of the most classic, notable versions that I can think of . . .

And this adorable version from the movie Book of Life (which I just saw with my kids this last weekend and it is ADORABLE and hilarious) . . . 

So you know that old adage about bloggers and checking the weather?  And how they sometimes ignore the weather report or take their chances with the forecast just to wear something cute?  And sometimes they plan outfits around the forecast (rain boots, bare legs, etc.), right?

Well sometimes bloggers pay absolutely no attention to the weather forecast and just dress like what the weather has been like.  And they have so much fun in said outfit that even if it ends up snowing and they end up freezing, they will still take photos.

Why?  Well because if you don't photograph the outfit, then it never happened, amiright???  And this was an outfit that I did not want wasted because even though there is a lot kind of going on here, I thought it worked and was pretty cute.

So who is it, anyway, that wears knee highs and short jumpers without an adequately warm jacket in the spring snow?  Who was that?  #thisgirl  #worthit

Leopard Coat-vintage; Striped Shirt-Target; Denim Jumper-vintage; Knee Socks-Ross; Platform Oxfords-Target; Crossbody Bag-Coach, vintage and gifted; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-gifted

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