January 12, 2015

Mission #49, Day 1--ICONIC CARRIE LOOKS

You guys.  I am really, really, really excited for this Mission Week.  It was the funnest Mission Week I've done in a minute (although I do genuinely enjoy them all).  I am a HUGE Sex and the City/Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker fan.  So it was only a matter of time before I thought of this Mission: Iconic Carrie Bradshaw outfits.

This look is from the movie when Carrie first sees her Vogue story revealing to the world that her wedding didn't go through and having to relive the pain through the written word.  It's an emotional time for her.

The look was fairly easy to recreate: all black, tall boots, patterned black coat, studded belt and black fedora.  For funsies I added in a copy of Vogue.  But not just any copy of Vogue.  It is one that I have with SJP on the cover.

Random fun fact:  I have like a dozen magazines with SJP on the cover.  I kind of collect them.  And I plan on putting them in really nice frames and hanging them in my fantasy closet when I get it one day--which may or may not be when my kids move out . . .

Black Dress-thrifted; Black OTK Boots-Amazon; Black Floral Coat-Wal-Mart; Studded Belt-thrifted; Black Fedora-gifted by Conner ;-)

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