March 20, 2015

Mission #53, Day 5--Metallic Oxfords

I'm kind of sad to see the last day of this Mission Week go.  How I love the comfort and ease of sneakers!  But we are ending on a truly shining note with some silver oxfords.

I saw these leather joggers on Target's Instagram several weeks ago, I immediately thought to myself "YASSSS."  I love leather and I love joggers.  And these will be perfectly edgy for my in-between body--comfortable and rocker-esque.

Immediately I hunted them down and ordered them EVENTHOUGH damn near every other commenter on the feed was disgusted by these pants.  Many of them were calling them trash bags and many more were answering with a plain ole "NO!!!"

But I held true.  And ever since I got these fancy sweatpants in the mail, I have not regretted my decision.  And that pretty much sums up my style--no one really gets it.  And I am totally fine with it.  Because at the end of the day, I'm going to be the one wearing it.

And even when I thought I didn't care about fashion, I know that I always did.  But when I was first concerned with fashion, I wasn't like this.  I was very concerned with what everyone else was wearing.

I very clearly remember in fourth grade when Umbros were it.  But they were way too expensive for my family.  And I was so mad that I couldn't have them.  And then hypercolor shirts.  And then Jnco's.  And palazzo pants.  And those puffy sport jackets.  All unattainable and yet everyone had one.  Everyone except for me.

But some time between wanting to fit in in elementary and middle school to wanting desperately to NOT fit in in high school to now, I found my true style voice.  And even when I know for a fact no one else will "get it" or like it or approve, I go for it.  Because I'm a big girl.  And I wear big girl pants.  That are leather with an elastic waist, naturally. 

Pleather Joggers-Target; Silver Oxfords-thrifted; Mustard Sweater-thrifted; Bag-Bebe, gifted; Watch-Patrick's; Earrings-gifted

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