August 13, 2012

Share the Covers--Personal Jesus

Here's the bad ass cover:


And here's the original:

I chose this song for a cover today because, frankly, I need Jesus or at the very least a miracle to survive the next few months.  Football is going to kill me.  Conner came to work with me today and I told him he could have anything he wanted for lunch.  Which of course meant we were having McD's. Ugh.  But he was happy.

I love taking Conner to work with me and showing him off.  He is so.  good.  I mean, seriously.  The kid is seven years old and a boy and you wouldn't even know he was in the office with me.  He is so quiet and self-contained.

Today was yet another run around day and after the chill weekend, I had it kind of caught me off guard.  Not like I didn't expect it, but it has taken a toll on the ole ulcer (which I'm naming Polly because it is about as annoying as a parrot that won't shut up).

So Polly and I are not on good terms.  Especially after working, picking up my mom, taking Conner to get football glasses (he is blind without his glasses), picking up Kaden, dropping the boys off at Kumon, dropping my mom off at home, picking up Brielle, picking the boys up from Kumon, dropping Kaden off at practice, dropping Conner off at practice and coming home to do the dishes and cook dinner. Oi.  But all's well that ends well right?

Also, another day, another discount code for y'all.  On of my absolute favorite sponsors, eShakti (remember this dress and this dress?) is AGAIN offering 10% off to you lucky Frannie Pantz readers as well by using the discount code  FR24SXN through August 31, 2012.  This can even be used in addition to the 40% off sale they are already offering on some items! 

 Red Polka Dot Dress-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Mint Short Sleeved Button Up Blouse-Style & Co., thrifted; White and Cork Sandals-Madden Girl; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted
Don't Forget!

About the email I got from Stella with Kohl's.  They want me to extend to you a 10% off discount to their online store by using the discount code BLOGIT10 upon checkout until August 23, 2012.  How cool is that?

So go buy sumpin purty.

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